Megan is divided about whether to go to Frank’s funeral. As Vanessa tries to gather her strength, Amy’s mired with guilt and Kerry knows today won’t be easy. Later, Megan’s floored when Tracy reveals the ring box that she thinks Frank was retrieving from the factory when he was killed. Processing what Tracy’s told her, Megan puts the ring on and crumbles into guilty tears.

Outside the Church, Tracy tries to prove Frank’s innocence in regards to the fire to the villagers, but is angered when Vanessa doesn’t support her. As the funeral gets underway, Megan delivers some tough words to the congregation and later, makes a life-changing decision.

With actress Gaynor Faye leaving her role after 7 years this could well be the catalyst that sees Megan leaving the village.

Emmerdale air these scenes on Monday 26th August on ITV