When Cain goes off for drinks with others, Moira is uneasy at having the house to herself. And soon, unable to resist, Moira again gives into Nate’s temptations in another mad impulsive moment as they sink into the hay of Butlers Barn….

Kim offers to help Jamie

Leyla and David confront Jacob.

Coronation Street

1st Episode

EMMA CATCHES HER MUM IN A LIE Emma meets her brother Morgan to go to the funeral but is shocked to see a video from her mum which proves Morgan also knew her dad wasn’t her real dad. Upset she sends him away. Steve arrives at the church with the wreath and seeing Emma upset he tells her he has done a DNA test and he is her real dad.

MICHAEL CAN’T KEEP QUIET ANY LONGER Having found a positive pregnancy test Aggie and Ed confront Michael but when he says it is a business venture Aggie throws him out sick of his get rich quick schemes. Michael seeks out James to tell him they need to borrow £5k to get his dad out of trouble.

YASMEEN IS BANKING ON GEOFF At the Bistro Geoff tries to help Yasmeen with her online banking and then drops into the conversation that he is going to the doctors as he has some health issues.

2nd Episode

EMMA BURIES ONE DAD AND FINDS ANOTHER News of Steve’s paternity spreads with varying reactions. Emma skypes her mum (we will see Fiona).

AGGIE DISCOVERS THE TRUTH Ed agrees to letting James lend him £5k but once the first £1k is transferred Michal finds Ed sat staring at a gambling site. Breaking down Ed says it is time for him to tell Aggie that he was to blame for them losing everything not Michael.

YASMEEN FEARS FOR MALINGERING GEOFF As Geoff sees his doctor, it is clear there is nothing wrong with him and it is just an excuse to visit the doctor. Despite this, he tells Yasmeen he has been suffering heart palpitations as the doctor had taken some blood tests. As Yasmeen reacts with concern, Geoff seems quite pleased with himself.

ELSEWHERE Nick finds Max in Victoria Garden smashing up plant pots. When Nick tries to stop him, Max takes a swing at Nick, blaming him for the fact David’s in prison.


The party celebrating Maxine’s life is in full swing, much to Sienna’s anger.

Sylver is concerned about Bobby, and Liam invites Mercedes to The Loft.

Fair City

Sharon tells her family to give up the idea of buying the house. Cristiano gets called away to help a friend in Madrid. Will’s attempt to paint Damien as a cheat backfires with Mairead. Will is shocked when Mairead insists on getting a separation agreement.

Pobol y Cwm

Daw Mathew yn berchennog ar eitem ddadleuol ar ôl derbyn ewyllys ei hen Anti Nel, ac ni all gael ei wared.

Mathew becomes the new owner of a controversial item in his great Anti Nel’s will.