Karen is fretting about falling out with Immie over her discovery that she is sleeping with Sid.

Emotional Ruhma is helping Alia pack for her imminent departure to university in Glasgow.

Rob takes the opportunity to have a chat with Sid about his intentions.

Sid is cooking for Immie and trying to pacify her about Karen when they both discover missed calls from Rob.

Rob appeals to a fired up Immie to put things right with her mum before she leaves Letherbridge but has he done enough to convince her?

Fair City

Damien’s gift backfires as Will plots to wreck his life. Paul is torn when Melanie and Fiona clash over Ruth. Hayley’s convinced Mondo is trying to humiliate her. Dean and Tessa have a decision to make.

Pobol y Cwm

Mae dyfodol Tyler fel athro yn y fantol wrth iddo gael ei alw i weld Gaynor. Cred Brenda y dylai Jim fynd i weld y doctor.

Tyler’s future as a teacher is in jeopardy as Gaynor calls him in.


Kerry has a confrontation.

Jacob begins to have second thoughts.

Leyla is apprehensive.


Knowing the truth, Whitney has a big decision to make. Will the couple tie the knot, or will their wedding day end in devastation? Mel worries about where Hunter is, but her mind turns elsewhere when Phil barges in and demands to know where Louise is. Keanu tracks down Ben and tries to force him to withdraw his statement, but the pair struggle to contain their anger.


The past comes back to haunt Nancy.

Brooke is desperate to confide in someone about being pregnant.

Meanwhile, Peri and Cleo start university