Soap spoilers Thursday 5th September 2019


Sid feels backed into a corner by Karen, Ruhma gets drawn into a serious case, and Zara is acting oddly.


Hunter is determined to get the ultimate revenge on Jack, but his plan quickly spirals out of control – with deadly consequences. As those inside the Vic find themselves caught in the crossfire of Hunter’s plan, all hell breaks loose. Sonia tells Bianca what has been going on with Tiffany, while Tina questions Iqra about her bad mood.


1st Episode

Victoria is rattled by a warning, Nicola takes on a mission, and Jacob makes a big decision.

2nd Episode

Tracy is frustrated by a rebuttal, Dan gives Will food for thought, and Jacob covers his true feelings.


Lisa returns but feels like everyone has forgotten about her dad and rebels against the family welcome home meal by throwing a party.

Sylver isn’t sure about Liberty’s suggestion, but when he sees how much it means to her he decides to give their business venture a go, will he regret it?

Pobol y Cwm

Mae Kelly’n cwestiynu Sara am ei theimladau tuag at Dylan wrth sylwi ar sbarc rhyngddynt. Aiff pethau o ddrwg i waeth i Tyler.

Things go from bad to worse for Tyler.

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