River City spoilers: Monday 16th September 2019

This week in Shieldinch…Gabriel finds himself on the wrong side of a desperate Dougie; Lou resorts to dirty tactics against Lenny; and AJ tries to connect with a distant Bex.

Held hostage by Dougie, Scarlett takes matters into her own hands and escapes. Back in Shieldinch, a stunned Scarlett returns in her wedding dress and shocks Bob and Stevie with the terrifying events of the day. While Scarlett’s sons vow revenge, Poppy desperate to understand Dougie’s wrongdoings.

Armed with a gun, Stevie comes face-to-face with Dougie and a tussle follows with devastating consequences for the community. Later, when Gabriel unwittingly comes across an unhinged and armed Dougie, he tries to reason with him but only ends up taking a bullet.

On hearing the gunshot, Stevie and Poppy run to Gabriel who slumps, bloodied to the ground. Eve and Maggie use all their medical expertise as Gabriel fights for his life.

Elsewhere, Lou tells a devastated Amber the police are scaling back the investigation into Lydia’s murder. As Amber spirals into despair, policewoman Lou decides to do whatever it takes to pin Lydia’s murder on Lenny – even if it means breaking the law.

As events unfold outside the Oyster Café, it gives AJ the chance to connect with foster child, Bex. He senses her unease at the drama unfolding and reassures her she’s safe in Shieldinch.


Gabriel by Garry Sweeney
Dougie by Stewart Porter
Lou by Lesley Hart
Lenny by Frank Gallagher
AJ by Sanjeev Kohli
Bex by Cora Tsang
Scarlett by Sally Howitt
Bob by Stephen Purdon
Stevie by Iain Robertson
Poppy by Lindsay Campbell
Eve by Victoria Liddelle
Maggie by Kathryn Howden
Amber by Jenny Hulse.

This episode airs Monday 16th September 2019 10pm on BBC Scotland

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