In Hollyoaks: life for James Nightingale takes a dark turn as he struggles with the news of Harry’s death and when Marnie throws him out and tells him to stop drinking things escalate and soon Romeo and Marnie find him in the pouring rain on top of the archway in the village, perilously close to the edge….

In Emmerdale: Vanessa & Charity try to ease Tracy’s guilty conscience. When Amy comes to pick up Kerry’s stuff and reveals she’ll be telling the police about Tracy being to blame for her mum’s injuries, Vanessa & Charity reassure Tracy that Amy’s just trying to scare her. Meanwhile at the hospital, complications see a crash team called to Kerry’s room and when she doesn’t revive at the doctor’s first efforts, Amy is devastated. Will she come round or will Tracy now find herself with her own guilty conscience?

Things go from bad to worse when an angry Vanessa is arrested after accidentally hitting a nurse whilst arguing with Amy. Knowing Vanessa’s at the police station, there is concern she’ll tell the police that Kerry and Amy were behind the factory fire and she’s unreadable when an officer releases her after a night in prison.

But will she talk knowing she could implicate Tracy in being responsible for Kerry’s current condition?

In EastEnders: Stunned to find Martin by Bex’s bedside, Sonia is oblivious to what happened with the Mitchells and gives him some home truths about not being there for Bex. Alone, Martin and Kush both agree it’s for the best if Martin leaves as he can’t risk being seen by Ben.

As Martin and Sonia support Bex during her meeting with a mental health nurse, Ben piles on the pressure for Martin and he’s forced to confront him when Ben plays a nasty trick. With tensions reaching breaking point, Martin lashes out at Ben. But can he convince him to let Stacey come home?

After spending the day together and growing even closer, Jean receives the devastating news that Daniel has died, Kush is concerned about her complacent reaction and talks to her, making her see how much Daniel meant to her.

Later at Daniel’s memorial, Kush supports Jean as his neighbour Mike hosts the service.

In Coronation Street: Daniel and Sinead meet with the oncologist who says her cancer isn’t responding to treatment and she only has a few weeks to live. In a state of shock Sinead’s insistent they must attend Ken’s 80th birthday party. When Daniel reveals that he and Beth have arranged a surprise 1st birthday party for Bertie too, Sinead’s touched.

At the party Ken’s thrilled to see Norris there and touched when Emily skypes him from Edinburgh. At Bertie’s party in The Rovers’ back yard Sinead fights back tears as she breaks the news to family and friends that she only has weeks to live

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