Will Casey and Christiano San Martin to tackle domestic abuse storyline

It’s been brewing for quite some time as viewers to RTÉ One’s Fair City will have seen Will Casey struggle with ex wife Mairead moving on with new partner Damien while his partner Christiano San Martin spent some time abroad with his brother Jake.

In tonight’s episode featuring just the two of them, with the exception of therapist (Maddie), Fair City fans will see Christiano and Will attend a couples therapy session. With Will anxious not to go, he coaches Christiano on what he is going to say when asked why they are there. Nervous, Christiano struggles to get the lie out when he attends the session on his own. But Will arrives and takes control of the situation, undermining the therapist’s position.

With an awful sense of foreboding throughout, it’s not until the couple get home later that day that the extent of Will’s abuse comes to a head. With the discovery of Maddie’s out of hours card, Will loses control. When Will intimidates Christiano he makes a run for it only to be caught, pulled and dragged across the apartment, “You’re a self absorbed little queen”, Will says to him.

This episode airs on RTÉ One today at 8pm

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