Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 21st October 2019

1st Episode

As a riot breaks out in the prison. David retreats to his cell. Abe drags a terrified Josh into David’s cell and handing David the scissors, tells him to do his worst. What will David do? Back on the street Max visits Shona, to her delight, and voices that he’s worried about Marion’s proposed plan. Shona assures him that won’t happen. Adam calls a meeting with Shona, Sarah and Marion in the hope to resolve their issues.

Leaving Sinead with the palliative care nurse, Daniel nips out for milk. He’s taken aback to clock Kirk, Beth and Craig in festive jumpers. Daniel’s horrified and insists she’s far too ill for their surprise Christmas but having followed Daniel out Sinead insists it’s the best idea ever. Daniel, Sinead, Ken, Tracy, Beth, Kirk and Craig sit down to Christmas lunch. Despite her obvious pain, Sinead’s determined to enjoy herself but Daniel’s over protectiveness causes some friction.

2nd Episode

David tells Abe that he wants to deal with Josh alone. With help from Abe and Tez, David drags Josh to the top of the staircase At home the family watch in horror as the prison riot unfolds on the news. David rings Shona to tell her that that Josh has been stabbed and she needs to find him a lawyer. Has David attacked Josh?

Max tells a relieved Shona he’s sorry for his behaviour and he wants to be part of the family again. Max explains to Shona that he wants to return home to which Marion reluctantly agrees.

Sinead assures the family that Daniel will come home when he’s calmed down in a bid for everyone to enjoy Christmas as much as possible. Bethany finds Daniel sobbing in the ginnel. Daniel breaks down in Bethany’s arms, wishing he could change the circumstances . Bethany embraces him. Ken sees and angrily orders Daniel to go home to his dying wife whilst Bethany heads off in tears.


Katie McGlynn as Sinead Osbourne
Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
Andrew Whyment as Kirk Sutherland
Lisa George as Beth Sutherland
Kate Ford as Tracy McDonald
Colson Smith as Craig Tinker
Rula Lenska as Claudia Colby
William Roache as Ken Barlow
Samuel Robertson as Adam Barlow
​Lucy Fallon as Bethany Platt
Brooke Malonie as Lily Platt
Tina O’Brien as Sarah Platt
Sue Nicholls as Audrey Roberts
Jack P. Shepherd as David Platt
Harry McDermott as Max Turner
Julia Goulding as Shona Ramsay
Kerry Peers as Marion Logan
Richard Hawley as Johnny Connor
Liam Boyle as Abe Crowley
Ryan Clayton as Josh Tucker
Wendy Albiston as Jessica Hadaway
Nick Judge as Tez Collier

Episode One airs at 7.30 and Episode Two at 8.30 on ITV

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