Coronation Street spoilers: Thursday 24th October 2019


Sinead wakes up and remembering her row with Daniel, realises with heavy heart that he’s not there.

With Beth’s help, Sinead records some messages on Daniel’s laptop for Bertie, determined that he should know just how much she loved him. Tracy calls at the flat says that Bertie’s going to need his Dad and when all’s said and done, Daniel loves them both with all his heart.

Tracy’s words resonate with Sinead. Daniel returns home an emotional wreck to be told Sinead wants to see him. Sinead talks candidly about her death and tells Daniel she needs to know she can trust him and that he’ll be there for Bertie when she’s gone. A contrite Daniel assures her he will.


Alison King as Carla Connor
Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow
Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
William Roache as Ken Barlow
Kate Ford as Tracy McDonald
Samuel Robertson as Adam Barlow
Katie McGlynn as Sinead Osbourne
Lucy Fallon as Bethany Platt
Lisa George as Beth Sutherland
Andrew Whyment as Kirk Sutherland
Sam Aston as Chesney Brown

The episode is written by Jonathan Harvey and directed by Michael Lacey

This episode airs at 8.30 on ITV

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