Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 4th – Friday 8th November 2019

MONDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 2019 – 1st Episode

ALI POURS HIS HEART OUT TO MARIA As Emma recovers in hospital Steve reports Ali to Dr Gaddas. An upset Ali meets Maria in Victoria gardens and admits he shouldn’t have dumped her and is jealous of Gary, unaware of an intrigued Adam watching them, Maria comforts a desolate Ali. Adam tells Gary who is furious at what he sees.

NICK KNOWS HE HAS TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT Shona is shocked to discover Gail has taken it upon herself to cancel the wedding and insists David will be out in time. Meanwhile Nick resolves to try and speak to Josh to get him to change his mind.

CARLA USES HER INITIATIVE When a delivery of beard oil ingredients arrive for Sinead, Carla decides she is going to try and keep the business going for Daniel and looks for Sinead’s recipe.

ELSEWHERE Brian is not impressed with Abi’s plans to go on a date with Kevin the night before her maths GCSE

MONDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 2019 – 2nd Episode

GARY SETS HIS SIGHTS ON ALI Gary forgives Maria for her liaison with Ali but meets up with the private detective and asks him to find out what he can about Dr Ali.

NICK TAKES A RISK TO HELP DAVID Nick tells Imran that he is going to visit Josh at the hospital by pretending to be his solicitor but his plans are thwarted when Billy spots him and asks him what he is doing. Back at home Leanne thinks Billy might be the answer to their prayers if he can speak to Josh. Will he agree?

CARLA’S UP TO HER EYES IN OIL Beth is furious when she finds Carla preparing beard oil but will she change her mind when Carla explains al the profit is going to Bertie’s future.

ELSEWHERE Steve asks Emma to come and stay with him and Amy whilst she recovers. Sally is unimpressed to find Abi drunk with Kevin instead of revising.

WEDNESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2019 – 1st Episode

BILLY STAGES A DIVINE INTERVENTION Billy talks to Josh in hospital in a bid to try and make him tell the truth about what happened in the prison but Josh is adamant that he is only interested in looking after himself and wants to stop David testifying in court. Paul is shocked when he finds a downcast Billy in the cafe and Billy tells him about Josh raping David. Will Paul do anything with this information.

KEN STRUGGLES TO BE THE VOICE OF DANIEL Carla tells Ken that she has a meeting with a company who are interested in buying Sinead’s beard oil but that she could really do with some input from Daniel. Later in the pub Beth shows Ken, Peter and Adam the hideous memorial angel she has ordered for Sinead’s grave. With the family horrified Ken manages to contact Daniel in Scotland. Will he return to Weatherfield?

ABI MAKES THE WRONG CALCULATION Sally prods hungover Abi into action, reminding her she’s got an exam this morning. An upbeat Abi tells Sally and Kevin that she reckons she aced her exam as she was too hungover to be nervous.

ELSEWHERE When Gary finds out from Steve that Dr Gaddas reported Ali to the authorities herself, he calls Lenny and orders him to do some more digging. Steve and Amy collect Emma from hospital and Emma agrees to stay with them.

WEDNESDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2019 – 2nd Episode

DAVID AND BILLY DO A DEAL WITH A DEVIL A tearful Shona packs away her wedding rings and has to admit that the wedding is off. They are shocked when news arrives that new evidence means David may be released.

KEN CAN’T MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR DANIEL With Ken worried that Daniel will regret his decision not to come back for the funeral Claudia takes charge saying they must go and find him and bring him back.

SALLY SUSPECTS ABI’S A GOLD DIGGER Sally makes a dig at Abi saying she is only interested in Kevin since he came into money prompting Abi to throw a bowl of spag bol over Sally. How will Kevin react to Sally’s accusations?

ELSEWHERE Amy confides in Emma that she and Tyler have been texting each other. Emma worries that he’s a bad influence but Amy insists he’s a changed person and begs her not to tell Steve. Gary’s PI reports back that Ali’s been missing shifts at work, behaving strangely and on further investigation, it would seem that one of the hospital pharmacists was arrested for stealing and supplying drugs.


WILL DAVID AND SHONA SAY I DO? As an excited Shona tells Gail and Audrey that David will soon be released and the wedding is back on they exchange doubtful looks. The wedding guests gather in the Bistro and a flustered Shona arrives but there is no sign of David. Will he make it in time?

GARY DIGS THE DIRT ON ALI With the help of Lenny, Gary drags a bound and gagged Big Farmer (the hospital drug dealer) into the furniture shop and demands to know everything he knows about Ali. Will Big Farmer spill the beans?

SALLY APOLOGISES TO ABI Sally apologises to Abi and admits she’s over protective when it comes to Kevin. Abi agrees to move back in and assures Sally that she has no designs on Kevin, they’re just mates. Abi breaks the news to Kevin that she and Sally have made up and she won’t be moving in with him after all. Kevin masks his disappointment.


GARY TURNS THE TABLES ON ALI Ryan tells Ali that he should take threats from Gary seriously. Ali goes to the empty furniture shop and finds Gary’s ledger. Ali calls at the salon flat but is taken aback to find Gary there alone. Fronting it out, Ali pulls out the ledger and tells Gary that he’s sure Maria will be interested to see that he’s been operating as a loan shark.

TWO WORLDS COLLIDE FOR ROBERT Robert assures Vicky he will tell Michelle about the baby soon. Back on the street he is horrified to see Tyler who tells him that he and Amy have become mates. Robert puts in a call to Steve. Meanwhile Michelle has had enough of Ray giving her menial tasks to do and tells him to stick his job.

Carla is worried about Roy’s online Scrabble addiction and tries to persuade him to play at the pub instead. Geoff ensures that Yasmeen sees him looking at a dating site, saying it is research for his radio show.

GARY SENDS THE DOCTOR AWAY Who will have the upper hand now Ali has the ledger?

ROBERT’S ANTICS ARE CLOCKED BY CONFUSED CARLA Carla is confused when Amy tells her that Robert grassed her up to Steve about her friendship with Tyler, Michelle is baffled as to why Robert would get involved. Meanwhile Ray tells Alya that his partnership hasn’t worked out with Michelle and would she like to take over.

YASMEEN ISN’T LEAVING FOR LAS VEGAS Geoff continues to sap Yasmeen’s confidence, convincing her that she has a shocking memory and clearly doesn’t listen to a word he says. Geoff lies to Yasmeen making out that he was planning to take her on a romantic break to Vegas but it’s clear she doesn’t trust him so he’s not going to bother. Yasmeen feels terrible.

ELSEWHERE Roy, Brian, Mary and Evelyn embark on a game of Scrabble. However when Roy discovers it was Carla’s idea as a means to distract him from his online Scrabble addiction, he takes offence and stomps out.

(ALL Pictures: ITV)

ITV Airs Coronation Street next week 2 Episodes on Monday and Wednesday a 30 minute episode on Thursday and an hour-long on Friday.

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