Hollyoaks spoilers: Hollyoaks airs special three-hander episode as Nadine Mulkerrin leaves

It’s been a week of heartbreak, devastation and destruction and I don’t just mean the foundations of the village.

As Cleo tries to understand just what is going on between her boyfriend and Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) the pieces of the puzzle come together when she sees Mitchell stroking Scott’s cheek.

Mitchell is forced to choose between Cleo and Scott when Scott wakes up in hospital. He is in love with Scott, and wants to be with him. He pleads with Cleo not to tell anyone about this, he isn’t comfortable about going public with his new love.

Nadine Mulkerrin, who plays Cleo McQueen, talked about why it’s important for a soap to show this type of love story, she said ”It’s a coming out story about how hard it is to embrace who you truly are and not lie to yourself about who you are. Hollyoaks does that very well and obviously Imran [Adams, who plays Mitchell] is a brilliant actor and he’s just done it fantastically.”

Ross Adams, who plays Scott Drinkwell, said “This is, I think, one of the most unique love stories ever told in soap history and it feels right for the show to be telling it at a time when Hollyoaks is doing such important work with our “Celebrate Difference” campaign.”

During the episode Cleo reflects on past relationships with Harry and Joel and decides she is better than this, she deserves more…

Nadine explained in an interview how her pregnancy was hidden and how the director Paul [Riordan] was really clever with the angles and the camera. Normally holding a folder and Andy Mawer was the camera operator and he was amazing at trying to mask the bump, but it was funny. It’s a good job I’m not offended easily because the amount of times ‘we can see Nadine’s belly!’ was shouted over the monito! It was a challenge but its kind of like a nice little fun secret.

Hollyoaks continues on E4 at 7pm

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