Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa and Charity split and Moses gets kidnapped

Good times never last for long and it was inevitable that sooner or later Charity and Vanessa would face this trouble. But the misery comes in spade loads as Vanessa dumps Charity and then things get even worse when Charity’s son Moses is taken.

When Vanessa finds out that Charity was involved in Mandy’s casino scam, she confronts her girlfriend and gives her a chance to tell her the truth. But when Charity tells more lies it seems Vanessa has had enough and tells her that it is over between them.

Charity might be left licking her wounds but she is soon thrust into more trouble when Cain and Aaron have teamed up to sell on stolen cars, is Aaron looking to join Robert inside?, Having got themselves a buyer for the car they head off taking Moses with them. The pair manage to offload the youngster to another village resident, but things take a horrible turn when Sean (the guy who has had his car nicked) phones to say he now has Moses.

Understandably Charity is fuming and without Vanessa there isn’t anyone to turn to. Cain and Aaron hand over the car for Moses return but it doesn’t placate Charity who remains angry. A huge rift threatens to erupt between Chas and Charity when Aaron’s actions are defended.

The breakup doesn’t go unnoticed by Sarah and Noah who are crushed to learn the news and an emotional Vanessa breaks down in front of Tracy, grateful for her support.

Later, a fragile Charity confides in Vanessa over how difficult things have been without her but it doesn’t look like a reunion is on the horizon.

Can Vanity find a way back from this?

Emmerdale air these scenes next week on ITV.

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