Charity is devastated when Vanessa ends things over her inability to come clean.

Lydia has her suspicions when Mandy tries to help her reach out to her sister.

Rhona is all set for a weekend away with Graham, that is until he gets cold feet.

Noah and Sarah are crushed about Charity and Vanessa splitting and try to make them see sense.

Bernice is feeling sad as she can’t get hold of her daughter Dee Dee.

Aaron and Cain steal a car but a stranger named Sean takes Moses and demands it back.

A sorry won’t cut it for Charity when Cain and Aaron are the reason behind Moses getting kidnapped.

Arthur continues to persecute Archie but it is Jimmy in the firing line when Arthur blames him for brusing found on the youngster.

Kerry is hungover and as Amy tends to her she is compelled to speak with Dan, but Kerry isn’t sure he’ll come round.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 11th November 2019 on ITV.