As Mandy and Darren try to move forward from recent events she promises him nothing will come between him and DJ, but she doesn’t know yet about his recent cheating with Nancy.

A gang fight leaves one victim needing hospital treatment after a stabbing.

Edward gets involved in Finn’s love life and makes it a mission to find out who his new friend is.

A suspicious Stuart orders Ste to stay at home while they meet with a rival group and locks all the doors and windows.

Diane bumps into Grace and asks her to keep quiet about what she saw on the night Mercedes was shot.

Sinead is blanking Sami since they had a row on holiday, will the wedding happen?

Sally gives Sylver an idea about how he can move forward.

Sami wants to know about Yazz’s ‘secret boyfriend’ and promises Imran the job of wedding photographer if he tells him.

It’s the day of the date for Sid and Juliet but his mind is elsewhere and he rushes off leaving her upset.

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