Chas and Charity continue their feud.

Bernice is left with a tough choice when Dee Dee takes a shocking phone call.

Vanessa is so sure Pete is lying to Tracy, but is she right?

Al’s secret is secret no more when Dawn uncovers it.

Marlon gets handy with his fists on Graham when having been advised by Kim that Graham shouldn’t be around Leo, Graham heads to apologies to Rhona only to be halted when Marlon thumps him.

Cain has plans of his own when Kyle asks an upset Moira to come to his birthday party.

When the childminder cancels on her, Laurel leaves him with Jimmy who wants to put recent accusations behind him.

When David begins making plans for him to see a counselor it leaves Jacob hopeful.

When Leanna is left out of helping to decide on a gift for Liam Bernice makes it up to her and suggests she help with the hen party.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 25th November on ITV.