Coronation Street spoilers: 9th-13th December 2019

Monday 9th December 2019

THERE’S MORE THAN ONE SURPRISE FOR MARIA Maria drops the bombshell to Gary that she’s pregnant, so he suggests they view the flat in Victoria Court that’s up for rent. Tyrone is suspicious when Gary shows off his flash 4×4, that he claims was acquired during a house clearance. Sarah is jealous when Gary presents Maria with the keys for the car, and soon realises that Maria is pregnant. After hearing the news from Sarah, Ali calls on Maria to warn her that Gary is a loan shark and that the furniture shop is just a front.

YASMEEN LEAVES LAS VEGAS WITH A SECRET Alya and Ryan tidy up No. 6 ahead of Yasmeen and Geoff’s return from Vegas. His suspicions about Alya and Ryan confirmed after consulting the hidden CCTV camera, Geoff gleefully reveals that he married Yasmeen whilst they were away. Whilst Yasmeen explains to Alya that the wedding was a spur of the moment thing, Tim suggests they should have another ceremony now they’re home to make it official. Geoff points out that won’t be necessary as their wedding was official, leaving Tim worried. Geoff bad mouths Alya to Yasmeen, telling her that she misused the house whilst they were away and she’s disapproving of their marriage because she’s concerned about her inheritance. Tim confides in Steve and Kevin that years ago he married an air hostess in Vegas thinking it was a joke, leaving them in hysterics realising that he’s a bigamist!

DANIEL’S NEGLECTING HIMSELF Ken, Peter and Adam clean Daniel’s flat when they find it littered with bottles and Sinead’s face on the TV screen. When Daniel returns home he ushers them out, adamant he’d rather be on his own with Bertie. Alone, he sobs his heart out to another of Sinead’s videos.

ELSEWHERE Gemma is overjoyed that Aled and Carys are well enough to go home. Rita’s thrilled when she bumps into Norris and he agrees to pop in for a cuppa, but he can’t stay long as he’s meeting Freda. Rita masks her disappointment. Bernie sends Kel a message from Alfie suggesting they meet up.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

DANIEL STRUGGLES TO FORGIVE Ken and Adam are shocked to find Daniel slumped on the floor clutching Bertie, in tears after watching Sinead’s video about Bethany. Ken urges Daniel to pull himself together and face the world. During lunch with Peter and Adam in the bistro, Daniel gets horribly drunk and then steps out in front of Cathy’s car, sending him sprawling. Bethany’s not convinced when Daniel regains consciousness and insists he’s fine. Tearful, he spills about the video and Bethany assures him that Sinead knew the kiss meant nothing and that all that would matter to her would be that he does his best for Bertie. Daniel promises that for Sinead’s sake he’s going to be a better Dad.

TIM MAKES A DEAL WITH HIS FUTURE EX WIFE Tim is uncomfortable at the thought of a Vegas party for Geoff and Yasmeen, and sets out for legal advice from Adam and Imran about his other marriage. Tracking Charlie the air hostess down to a bar in town, Tim asks for a divorce. She agrees but tells him to fund it. Geoff convinces Alya to stay away from the party, and she reluctantly agrees leaving him secretly delighted. Yasmeen is devastated. Steve and Kevin warn Tim that a divorce from Charlie could draw attention to his bigamy and it’s probably best he is truthful with Sally.

IT’S HANDBAGS AT DAWN FOR MARIA Whilst putting up a poster advertising Weatherfield Winter Wonderland in the corner shop, Big Garth spots Maria’s designer handbag and assures her it’s no fake and that it would’ve cost the best part of a grand. Wanting to know the truth, Gary assures her that he isn’t a loan shark and that the reason he beat up Ryan was because he stole from him. Will Maria accept this?

ELSEWHERE Flanked by Ryan and Ali, Michelle boots a furious Robert out of the bistro kitchen pointing out it’s no longer his business.

Friday 13th December 2019

ROBERT’S IN THE FRAME FOR VICKY’S MURDER The police arrest Robert on suspicion of assault. Robert informs them that the last time he saw Vicky they rowed and she threw a vase at the wall but the police then reveal they found blood on a fragment on the vase and they also found a second fragment of the vase in his van. Robert’s horrified as the police officer confirms that the blood found on the fragments of vase is that of Vicky Jefferies and demands to know how it got there.

TIM MAKES A PROPOSAL In the Rovers, Tim confides in Abi that he was already married when he wed Sally but didn’t realise it at the time and Abi urges him to tell Sally the truth. Tim, Sally, Brian, Cathy, Kevin and Abi gather at No.6 for Geoff and Yasmeen’s wedding party. Geoff makes a speech, saying how he never thought he’d find love again as he showers Yasmeen with compliments. Tim gets down on one knee and suggests to Sally they get married again. Thinking it the ultimate romantic gesture, Sally agrees, thrilled. Tim explains to Kevin and Abi how he intends to divorce Charlie, marry Sally again so they’re legally married and she’ll be none the wiser. As Cathy bites into a crab canape, she encounters a piece of crab shell which she carefully removes but Geoff watches with mounting irritation. With the guests having left, Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for embarrassing him in front of their guests. When he retrieves a crab shell from the bin and suggests she should eat it.

GEMMA AND CHESNEY HAVE A FULL HOUSE Gemma and Chesney head home with the quads after being told that all four are ready to go home. Gemma and Chesney soon discover that trying to feed, bath and change four babies is a monumental task. Fiz and Paul call at No.5 to find Gemma and Chesney clearly struggling to cope.

ELSEWHERE Grace calls at No.3 with Tianna. Michael, Grace and Tianna arrive at Big Garth’s Winter Wonderland but they’re hugely underwhelmed. When Grace smells alcohol on Santa’s breath, she picks up Tianna and storms out. Michael returns to the Winter Wonderland and suggests that for 50% of the profits, he could turn it into a goldmine and Big Garth and Michael shake hands on the deal. Daniel thanks Bethany for coming to his rescue and her sound advice. A thoughtful James watches their exchange

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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