Coronation Street spoilers: 16th-20th December 2019

Monday 16th December 2019 – 1st Episode

THE PIECES FALL INTO PLACE FOR ROBERT Back from the police station, Robert tells Paula that the sat nav on his van confirms he was in the area of the woods where he’s suspected of dumping Vicky’s body. Paula wonders if anyone else had access to his van.

GEMMA AND CHESNEY ARE BABY MACHINES When Paul recruits Kirk and Emma to help with the quads now that they are home, Kirk suggests a production line to deal with changing and feeding the four. Chesney receives a call from Freshco wanting a photoshoot of the quads’ first day at home.

ROY’S GESTURE FALLS FLAT Roy takes his model railway to show Richard but when he discovers Richard’s a big football fan but is now too ill to attend matches, Roy is thoughtful.

ELSEWHERE With his plans now underway, Michael unveils a snow-covered helter skelter as the centrepiece for his Winter Wonderland to an impressed James and Ed. Imran warns Tim that his plan to remarry Sally in secret won’t work. Sally excitedly shows Tim a venue brochure for their vow renewal.

Monday 16th December 2019 – 2ND Episode

The police take Robert in again. They question Michelle about Robert’s violent temper and Michelle tells them of incidents from his past, including his steroid abuse. The police tell Paula and Robert they intend to charge him with assault as Paula warns Robert if Vicky doesn’t turn up soon, things could get much worse.

IT’S THE FIRST SHOOT FOR THE FRESHCOS FOUR Chesney persuades Tara from Freshco’s to conduct the photoshoot at No.5. When Tara and a photographer turn up at No.5, Gemma’s humiliated when all the mess she’s stuffed under a table comes tumbling out. Later, Gemma admits to Chesney she fears being judged for her parenting. Chesney comforts her.

ROY TRIES A NEW HOBBY Roy arrives at Richard’s in time to listen to the County match on the radio and gets caught up in Richard’s enthusiasm. Nina reveals that Richard’s new carer starts tomorrow and Roy promises to be there.

ELSEWHERE Michael introduces Aggie to Winter Wonderland’s star attraction: Ed dressed as Santa Claus. Michael hopes to give Tianna a magical Christmas.

Wednesday 18th December 2019 – 1st Episode

ROY GETS IT WRONG AS HE TRIES TO DO RIGHT Roy calls at Richard’s and packs Nina off to college, promising to wait in for the new carer. Aggie tells Roy over the phone that the freezer’s leaking. Richard sends Roy to help, insisting he will be fine. Roy arrives at the cafe and rings Richard but he is furious to discover the carer still hasn’t turned up. Assuring Roy he’s fine, Richard ends the call but loses his balance and falls. Richard answers another call from Roy and, keeping quiet about his fall, pretends all’s well. Roy finally returns to Richard’s flat to find him passed out on the floor. As the paramedics try to revive him, Nina arrives in time to hear him pronounced dead.

MICHELLE’S GIVEN AN OFFER SHE MIGHT REFUSE A woman calls at the bistro representing an anonymous buyer. Michelle learns the offer is near half of the asking price but Carla advises her to consider for a quick sale.

MICHAEL NEEDS CHRISTMAS TO COME EARLY Michael phones Grace to invite her and Tianna for Christmas. She refuses but agrees to attend his grand reopening of the Winter Wonderland.

ELSEWHERE Rita’s pleased to learn that Gail’s not working in the Kabin today but she’s deflated when Brian reveals Cathy has taken Gail’s place. Ryan begs Gary to let him work to pay off his debt. Gary hands Ryan a sealed envelope to deliver by hand, stressing its importance.

Wednesday 18th December 2019 – 2ND Episode

NINA PUTS THE BLAME FIRMLY ON ROY Roy is determined that Nina must stay with him. Roy angrily explains to Carla how his brother died alone but later in Roy’s flat, Carla accidentally lets slip that Roy left Richard and Nina lays into Roy. Saying she will never forgive him, Nina packs her bags and storms out. Roy is utterly bereft.

MICHAEL’S CHRISTMAS NEVER ARRIVES Michael is desperate for Grace and Tianna to arrive at the Winter Wonderland, he calls Grace but finds her phone is dead. Back at No.3, Michael makes excuses for Grace but Aggie’s furious.

MICHELLE SIGNS ON THE DOTTED LINE Michelle instructs Adam to accept the mystery buyer’s offer for the bistro.

ELSEWHERE Ryan meets up with Lenny and hands over Gary’s envelope. Lenny tries to bait Ryan into dishing dirt but Ryan doesn’t rise to it. Lenny confirms to Gary that Ryan handed over the envelope unopened. Gary’s satisfied Ryan passed his test. Ryan’s wary when Gary gives him a repayment holiday but hints he may have further jobs lined up for him. Rita bumps into Gemma in the street but is saddened and feeling lonely when she has to dash home to see to the quads.

Friday 20th December 2019 – 1st Episode

As Robert waits in his cell to set off for court, he’s puzzled to learn from Paula there’s been a delay as new information has come to light.

GARY GETS WISE TO DEREK Derek offers to delay the factory sale for Nick and Sarah until they raise the cash, if they can lay down £10k right now. Nick and Sarah ask the factory workers to raise the £10k. Derek explains to Izzy he needs money to take his kids on a promised holiday to Florida or he’ll lose them forever so Izzy approaches Gary for a loan to fund her share of the £10k. Gary’s seething that Derek’s trying to sell a building that actually belongs to him.

ROY TRIES EXTEND A HOLLY BRANCH Roy calls at Richard’s flat to find the landlord hammering on the door demanding unpaid rent money. Nina ignores Roy’s attempts to get her to open the door and remains barricaded in the flat.

ELSEWHERE Jenny invites Rita to spend the afternoon at Winter Wonderland. Jenny collects Rita from her flat but the excitement evaporates when Rita takes offence at being treated like a charity case and calls off the outing, leaving Jenny baffled.

Friday 20th December 2019 – 2ND Episode

GARY MAKES A HOSTILE TAKEOVER Gary corners Derek in the Rovers’ yard. Feigning confidence, Derek points out his company’s named on the factory deeds so Gary can’t stop him selling. A menacing Gary insists otherwise.

ROY CAN’T GET THROUGH TO NINA Carla and Roy return to Nina’s flat and through the locked door, Roy shares memories of his lonely childhood with Nina. He’s encouraged when Nina replies through the letterbox.

ELSEWHERE Tyrone and Fiz decide to punish Hope for disrupting the school nativity. Tyrone and Fiz set Hope to work cleaning the house.

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