In Fair City

  • Hughie warns Barry that Fiona is exploiting him.
  • Alex learns of Will abusing Cristiano.
  • Alex, Mondo and Dean rally as Cristiano tells them he’s leaving for Chile.

In Rownd a Rownd

  • Dylan meets his son, Llew, for the first time. He is very nervous about it and seeing Sophie before going to see him doesn’t help him at all.
  • Sophie still doubts Flur’s motives greatly and is sure she’s after Dylan for his money.
  • Although Barry isn’t satisfied that Jason has bought a mobile pizza oven, there is a silver lining for Jason when Carwyn starts to show an interest in the venture and helps Jason get things moving.

In Pobol y Cwm

  • Jim is nervous as he returns to hospital for his test results.
  • Tesni ends her relationship with Mathew.
  • Kelly disappears.

In Hollyoaks

  • When Grace confronts Mercedes about the blood results in front of everyone, Diane looks very sheepish.
  • Breda questions whether Mercedes has false memories about the night she was shot, but Mercedes swears that she saw Sylver pull the trigger.
  • Romeo worries that James is putting their family in danger and begs his dad to forget about Liam so they can all have the happy family Christmas that he and Juliet have never had before.

In EastEnders

  • Callum shares his concerns about Leo with Jay.
  • A desperate Martin confronts Kush after learning that Arthur is going to see Stacey.
  • Ruby tells Max she is fed up of Ian – and decides it is time to teach the pompous restaurant owner a lesson.

In Emmerdale

  • Archie slaps Angelica after she and Arthur make fun of him. When Jimmy yanks Archie away, an angry Jai tells Jimmy it’s nowhere near over between them.
  • As Wendy talks to Bob, she sees Aaron approaching and flees, dropping her bag in the process. When she puts her foot down in her car, in an attempt to get away from a car which seems to be following her, she is terrified it’s Aaron. Could it be?
  • Billy and Al square up to one another after Al accuses Billy of not pulling his weight, but Ellis intervenes having just arrived back from Dubai.

In Coronation Street

  • Flanked by Ryan and Ali, Michelle boots a furious Robert out of the bistro kitchen pointing out it’s no longer his business.
  • Daniel thanks Bethany for coming to his rescue and her sound advice. A thoughtful James watches their exchange
  • Bernie sends Kel a message from Alfie suggesting they meet up.

In River City

  • Scarlett organises a self-defence class to empower the women of Shieldinch.
  • Callum confides in Maggie that he’s worried that his Uncle Alex’s drinking and fears he might die.
  • Angus is stunned when he catches Bob and Nicole mid-tryst at the garage.