Coronation Street spoilers: 23rd December – 27th December 2019

Monday 23rd December 2019 – 1st Episode

THE FACTORY OPENING PARTY IS A CRACKER Nick and Sarah unveil the refurbished factory to the staff, keeping quiet about Derek’s change of heart. Gary turns up with Maria, irritating Sarah, and Adam lets slip to Nick how Gary once got rough with Sarah. Sozzled in the street, Derek admits to Izzy that he never owned the factory. Nick orders Gary to never set foot in the factory again just as Izzy returns, forcing Gary to announce he owns the place.

FIZ FEARS FOR JADE Billy and Sean spot Jade when they are helping the homeless. She tells the pair she couldn’t afford to rent anywhere after losing her job, but makes them promise not to tell Fiz and Tyrone. Sean can’t keep his word and reveals to Fiz that Jade’s living on the streets. Appalled, Fiz goes in search of her.

RITA IS HOME ALONE THIS CHRISTMAS Rita introduces Gemma to Arthur, the cat she’s looking after over Christmas. With Gemma busy with the quads, Rita, not wanting to be an extra burden, tells Gemma she’s arranged to visit Mavis over Christmas. Rita hangs up sadly, clearly no plans to go anywhere.

ELSEWHERE Emma and Seb become a couple. Amy finds Alina knocking at No.11 for Seb. Amy lies that Seb’s now engaged to Emma and Alina leaves, embarrassed. Amy tells Emma she sent Alina packing but Emma insists that she must tell Seb. Ali and Ryan quiz Michelle about Robert.

Monday 23rd December 2019 – 2nd Episode

NICK AND SARAH SEE A SPECTRE OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE Maria’s angry with Gary for keeping her in the dark but Gary lies that Derek ran into financial trouble so he swooped in to save the factory and the workers’ jobs. Maria believes him. Gary locks a tied up Derek in the furniture shop overnight, determined to make sure he misses his flight to Florida with his kids. When Nick and Sarah continue to disrespect him, Gary vindictively increases their rent.

FIZ GIVES JADE A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE Fiz and Tyrone find Jade on Victoria Street and drag her back to No.9. Hope’s overjoyed to see Jade. Fiz and Tyrone invite Jade to stay for Christmas and Jade’s secretly smug. Jade hugs Hope, promising to look after her. Evelyn eyes her with suspicion.

RITA FACES CHRISTMAS ALONE Dev drops off a Christmas tree at Rita’s flat. Rita decorates her tree alone.

ELSEWHERE Emma informs Seb that Alina came looking for him. Seb’s stunned, admitting he’s unsure of his feelings.

9960 Tuesday 24th December 2019

GARY SHOOTS HIS MOUTH OFF Gary frees Derek from his bonds but Derek’s distraught he’s lost his kids forever. Gary sends Derek on his way, satisfied he’s shown him who’s boss. Fiz calls at the furniture shop, with Jade and Hope, to drop off items from a house clearance, including an antique gun. Gary’s alarmed as he points out it’s still live. As Gary stows it away in a filing cabinet, Hope eyes the gun longingly. In the Rovers, a drunk Ali vows to win back Maria and see Gary get his comeuppance. As Fiz, Tyrone and Ruby walk round the Winter Wonderland, Jade finds Hope peering through the door of the furniture shop. A loved-up Gary and Maria head home, watched by vengeful Ali and Derek. In the furniture shop, the filing cabinet drawer lies open, the gun nowhere to be seen.

MAX IS OUT OF CONTROL Marion rails at Shona and David for banning Max from seeing her. David’s baffled, explaining Max has been claiming to visit her for weeks. Unrepentant, Max is rude to Shona.

Wednesday 25th December 2019

DEREK IS STALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND Gary’s aghast to find the furniture shop door open, and the gun and its ammunition missing. Gary accuses Ali of stealing from him. As they row outside the pub, Derek watches from his car, training the gun on oblivious Gary. Following him into the pub a worse-for-wear Derek lurches in looking for Gary, pulling out a gun and firing his first shot. As he points the gun at Gary, he runs from the pub and Derek gives chase into the Winter Wonderland where Gary orders everyone to hide. Michael’s horrified as the Platts run for cover and Maria arrives looking for her man. Who will make it out alive?

SHONA PLANS A SURPRISE FOR DAVID’S BIRTHDAY Shona collects the keys to the Winter Wonderland from Michael as the Platts hide presents for David’s treasure hunt. But when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a shoot out David is desperate to protect Shona, while Sarah holds Bethany and Harry close. Assuring her they will escape unscathed, Adam asks Sarah to marry him.

ELSEWHERE Seb comes to a decision about his future with Emma. Michelle puts her affairs in order as she makes plans to leave the street.

Thursday 26TH DECEMBER

HANGOVER FROM HELL The residents of Weatherfield come to terms with the dramatic events of Christmas Day.


MICHELLE WAVES GOODBYE TO WEATHERFIELD Michelle heads to the bistro to hand over the keys to the new owner. But when the mystery buyer turns out to be Ray, Michelle sets about smashing up the place until Carla orders her to stop. Michelle dissolves into tears. Can she bring herself to leave the bistro?

RUMOURS ABOUT GARY SPREAD Ali reveals that he’s told the police about Gary’s secret life as a loan shark.

ELSEWHERE Fiz, Tyrone, Jade, Hope and Ruby enjoy a game of Cluedo but when Hope links the gun in the game to the gun she saw Mummy give to Gary, a mortified Fiz confesses to Tyrone and Jade how she bought a gun for the shop and it was then stolen. Jade revels in her misery.

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 23rd December on ITV.

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