Thomas, under increased pressure from the threat of redundancy and feeling undermined by his colleagues, is determined to prove himself.

However, the consequences of one night, in which he has a drink with his boss Chris Carter, tries to impress his old school friend and potential new client Mark Baxter and have a dinner with his wife and her father, only causes his life to spiral further.


  • Ken Nwosu As Thomas Benson
  • Ben Miller As Chris Carter
  • Susannah Fielding As Isobel Jones
  • Sean Sagar As Andy Stocks
  • Ritu Arya As Becky Mills
  • Debbie Chazen As Natalie
  • Alexandra Roach As Jess Benson
  • Daisy Boo Bradford As Millie Benson
  • Gwilym Lee As Mark Baxter
  • Neil Pearson As Phil
  • Elena Saurel As Tanya Baxter
  • Michael Cochrane As Clayton
  • Jordan Baker as Lisa
  • Luke Millard as Barman

Sticks and Stones airs Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 on ITV from 9:00pm.