Coronation Street spoilers: 30th December 2019 – 3rd January 2020


IZZY REALISES SHE’S BEEN SWIMMING WITH A SHARK As the police investigate Gary’s dealings they reveal they have reason to believe he’s been operating as a loan shark. Izzy notices a woman in tears outside the factory and the woman introduces herself as Julia, Derek’s ex wife. Julia tells Izzy that Derek was up to his eyes in debt to a loan shark. Izzy reels.

RAY MAKES ENEMIES Ryan tells Ray he can stick his job but Ray’s unfazed and throws him out. In the bistro, Ray charms the staff.

ELSEWHERE Tyrone suspects Kevin fancies Abi. When Tracy reveals that Amy is looking for some work experience in the solicitors’ office, Paula offers her a placement with her.


THE TRUTH ABOUT GARY IS OUT The residents reel as the true nature of Gary’s work is revealed post the Christmas Day shooting.

RAY TRIES TO SABOTAGE THE ROVERS NYE PARTY Jenny puts up a poster in the cafe advertising the Rovers’ New Year’s Eve party, Ray enlists his staff help to prepare the bistro for their rival New Year’s Eve launch party and he reveals his plans to make a donation to a cancer charity in memory of Sinead. The girls are impressed at his generosity. Johnny and Jenny confront Ray in the bistro, outraged that he’s going head to head and trying to scupper their New Year’s Eve party.

ABI FINDS HER FEELINGS HAVE CHANGED When Abi reveals she’s meeting Kevin for a drink, Sally realises Kevin’s still got the hots for Abi. But when Abi finds out that Kevin is putting their drink before a banger race event that she knows he has been looking forward to, she insists that they can meet for a drink tomorrow. Kevin reluctantly agrees but it’s clear he’s disappointed.

ELSEWHERE Tracy thanks Paula for going to so much trouble, helping Amy with her work experience.


THE RESIDENTS POINT THE FINGER Rows and repercussions following discoveries about Gary.

TRACY’S NEW YEAR GOES OFF WITH A BANG In a bid to get out of taking Tracy to a gig, Steve makes out Tim’s ill so he’s got to work but when Sally unwittingly lets slip that Tim isn’t ill at all, a furious Tracy calls in the cab office. Steve’s mortified as a heartbroken Tracy storms out. Tracy drowns her sorrows in the Rovers.

TROUBLE ALWAYS FOLLOWS ABI Abi arrives at the bistro for the New Year’s Eve party and confides in Eileen that she’s got the hots for Kevin. Kevin overhears Abi likening him to a boring, safe hatchback. In the bistro, Eileen assures Kevin that Abi thinks the world of him and urges him to go for it. Taking her advice, Kevin heads off on a mission

ELSEWHERE Faye realises with horror that she’s ordered far too few canapes for the bistro party but Alya comes to the rescue. Ray thanks Alya for her help and offers her Michelle’s old job as Events Manager. The Barlows call at Daniel’s flat, determined that he and Bertie mustn’t spend New Year’s Eve on their own. They raise a toast to Sinead and Daniel’s touched.


TRACY WAKES UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED Tracy wakes up naked and hungover and realises she has cheated on Steve. Tracy sneaks back into Street Cars’ flat. Amy notices the designer jacket over the back of a chair and Tracy realises she has picked up a jacket by mistake. Tracy secretly meets up with last night’s dalliance, in the Rovers, returns the jacket and implores them not to mention their night of passion to anyone. As they row in the street, Amy approaches and realises with horror who her mum has spent that night with. A furious Amy orders Tracy to tell Steve the truth or she’ll do it for her. Tracy confesses all to Mary. Tracy begs Amy not to tell Steve about her night of passion just as Steve arrives home with the kitten and clocking the tension, wonders what’s happened. Tracy covers but a disgusted Amy stomps off to her room. Amy announces she’s moving out to live with Emma.

IT’S A NEW START AT UNDERWORLD Will a truce be called at the factory and the staff move be able to move forward following the horrors and discoveries of Christmas Day.

JADE GETS A LUCKY BREAK In Victoria Garden, Hope makes out Ruby pushed her off the bench and hurt her arm. Evelyn reckons Hope’s just attention seeking whilst Fiz isn’t sure what to believe. ELSEWHERE A court letter reveals that it’s Josh’s trial tomorrow. There’s a stand off at the factory as the events of Christmas Day overshadow the new year. Sally convinces Kevin that Abi really likes him, her kiss with Ray meant nothing. Abi returns to No.4 and waxes lyrical about fit Ray. When Kevin emerges from the kitchen, Abi’s mortified to have hurt his feelings yet again.


JOSH STANDS TRIAL As Josh’s trial begins painful memories resurface. But will proceedings in court be overshadowed by the ripple effects of Christmas Day, still casting dark shadows over the street.

JADE CREATES FRACTURES IN THE DOBBS HOUSEHOLD Jade takes Hope to A&E to have her arm looked at

STEVE TRIES TO BRING AMY HOME On Steve’s behalf, Emma quizzes Amy, wondering why she’s so unhappy at home. Emma confides in Steve what Amy has told her Steve confronts Tracy – does he know the truth?

ELSEWHERE Ray calls at the garage and is impressed to discover Abi’s a mechanic. However when Tim lets slip that she learnt her trade in prison, Ray makes a sharp exit. Abbie’s gutted.

Friday 3rd JANUARY – 2ND Episode

ABI IS TAKEN IN BY RAY Ray approaches Abi in the cafe and tells her how impressed he is by the way she’s turned her life around. Abi’s delighted and grabbing him by the arm, leads him back to No.4.

IS HOPE UP TO HER OLD TRICKS? Fiz arrives at A&E where the doctor explains that Hope has broken her arm after trapping it in a door. Fiz realises with heavy heart that Hope’s been telling lies again. Evelyn warns Fiz and Tyrone that there’s something not right about Jade and it’s time she moved out.

DAVID TAKES THE STAND Josh’s barrister cross examines David, suggesting the sex with Josh was entirely consensual. David remains adamant he was drugged and raped.

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

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