Grantchester spoilers: Series 5 Episode One

Reverend Will Davenport is now fully at ease with his role as the Vicar of Grantchester, and happy helping to solve mysteries alongside his friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating. For Will, a version of Eden is within everyone’s reach, but Geordie knows that human nature is unpredictable, and every Eden has its snakes…

It’s Spring Ball season, which is proving to be less ‘dinner and dancing’ and more ‘disturbing the peace’. When a student from a prestigious all-female college is found dead, Will and Geordie must infiltrate the murky world of campus politics and university societies to find the killer. Navigating strange initiations, raucous parties – and with investigative journalist, Ellie Harding, hot on their heels – they’ll need to use every advantage to unravel this mystery…

Meanwhile, Geordie and Cathy are rubbing along together – just about – but are Cathy’s ambitions for a life of her own starting to test the delicate family balance? Will they need a little help at home?

And curate Leonard, fresh from a spell with Daniel in Marrakech, finds it hard to acclimatise to living half-a-life back in Grantchester, especially with Mrs C and Jack in marital bliss…


  • Geordie Keating Is Played By Robson Green
  • Will Davenport Is Played By Tom Brittney
  • Leonard Finch Is Played By Al Weaver
  • Mrs Chapman Is Played By Tessa Peake-jones
  • Cathy Keating Is Played By Kacey Ainsworth
  • Ollie Is Played By Barnaby Taylor
  • Jack Chapman Is Played By Nick Brimble
  • Daniel Marlowe Is Played By Oliver Dimsdale
  • Ellie Harding Is Played By Lauren Carse
  • Amelia Davenport Is Played By Jemma Redgrave
  • Lucas Rawlings Is Played By Jack Donoghue
  • Larry Peters Is Played By Bradley Hall
  • Esme Keating Is Played By Skye Lucia Degruttola
  • Alastair Is Played By Abraham Lewis
  • Andrea Shaw Is Played By Siobhan Redmond
  • Diana Is Played By Paula Wilcox
  • Heather Is Played By Hannah Van Der Westhuysen
  • Vronky Is Played By Sorcha Groundsell
  • Vic Morgan Is Played By Ross Boatman
  • Matthew Butler Is Played By Jim Caesar

The Keating Children are played by:

  • Rose Allen
  • Mason Chalke
  • Harley Chalke
  • Rubie-Rose Fearfield

Grantchester returns to ITV on January 10th 2020 at 9pm

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