Hollyoaks cast talk about Flash-Forward episode, NYE plans and what their characters are up to.

What are the children of Hollyoaks doing this NYE 2019?

Ela-May Demircan (Leah Barnes): The children of Hollyoaks all get together for a bit of a party, whilst the adults hang out at The Hutch.

What are the teens doing in Hollyoaks for NYE 2019?

Niamh Blackshaw (Juliet Quinn): Sid, Juliet, Brooke, Ollie and Imran are all having a party at Brooke’s house. They’re just going to get some alcohol and some food and have a chill time.

What are the adults doing in Hollyoaks for NYE 2019?

Jessica Fox (Nancy Osborne): Nancy has decided to throw a New Years’ Eve bash for the parents, and as a way to show Luke that they all support and love him. She starts a ‘Parents who Party’ group chat, and insists everyone use a napkin at all times!

What can you tell us about the flash-forward episode?

Ela-May Demircan (Leah Barnes): The flash forward episode is marvellous, and I think this is the first time that Hollyoaks has done an episode like this, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. I don’t want to give away too much, but you should definitely watch it.

Niamh Blackshaw (Juliet Quinn): There’s going to be a lot of change, a lot of surprises, a lot of unexpected twists and Juliet is going to be falling for more than one person.

Jessica Fox (Nancy Osborne): The flash forward episode is so exciting. There will be teasers scattered across the episode. It will mean you have to watch every episode next year to find out how it all comes together! I’m not even sure what happens – but I want to find out how Juliet got that scar…

Do you have any NYE plans for this year?

Ela-May Demircan (Leah Barnes): I will be spending New Year’s Eve with my family, but I’m hoping that mum will surprise me with a holiday this year, like she did last year.

Niamh Blackshaw (Juliet Quinn): Yes… Whether I follow through with them is a different story, but at the minute, I’m going to London with my friends.

Jessica Fox (Nancy Osborne): 2019 has been a very busy year for me and I have kind of forgotten about Christmas and New Year! I don’t have any plans to be honest! But if there is good food, good company and maybe a board game I’ll be happy!

The hour-long flash-forward episode will first air on E4 at 7PM on Friday 27th December.

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