Coronation Street spoilers: Touch and go for Shona and 5 other spoilers

Monday 6th January 2020

Nick gently suggests to David he should allow Shona’s friends to visit her as it could be the last time they see her. David refuses to let the doctors remove her breathing tube and orders Nick to ask Shona’s friends to come in and see her. Meanwhile Billy, Eileen, Roy, Audrey, Sarah and Gail visit Shona. The consultant removes Shona’s breathing tube, will she defy the odds or is David about the face the ultimate heartbreak?

Daniel takes Bertie for his jabs, but after the first jab, Bertie screams the place down. Daniel refuses to let Dr Gaddas administer the rest and hurries out, upset. Bethany calls at Daniel’s flat and Daniel explains how distressed Bertie was after only one jab and he couldn’t bear to put him through further pain.

Wednesday 8th January 2020

Imran calls at the hospital and breaks the news to David about Josh and the result of his trial

As a deeply embarrassed Tracy explains to Leanne that her night of passion was a one-off mistake which they both regret, Amy arrives. Horrified to realise that Leanne now knows about her Mum’s indiscretion.

Friday 10th January 2020

Gary is taken in by the police. Back on the street Fiz and Gary are relieved to discover they both stuck to the story, that the only gun they’re aware of is the antique one in the shop. However Tyrone warns Fiz that by lying to the police, she could make matters worse.

As Suki takes photos of Aggie for the Golden Heart Awards, Aggie confides in Roy that the reason she gave up nursing is that a patient died under her watch and although she wasn’t to blame, it made her doubt her own ability.

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 6th January on ITV.

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