Silent Witness spoilers: Series 23 Episode One

Deadhead (Part 1)

A private jet crashes into woodland outside London. Its passengers include the former US Ambassador, Jonathan Kraft. Nikki calls her partner Matt from the crash scene to break the news: his friend, and former colleague did not survive the accident.

Matt is desperate for answers. When Thomas is called to an apparent suicide of a successful businessman, he finds unexpected connections to the plane crash. Are they dealing with a coordinated attack?


  • Dr Nikki Alexander is played by Emilia Fox
  • Jack Hodgson is played by David Caves
  • Dr Thomas Chamberlain is played by Richard Lintern
  • Matt Garcia is played by Michael Landes
  • Clarissa Mullery is played by Liz Car
  • Jonathan Kraft is played by Matthew Brenher
  • Michael Heller is played by Okezie Morro
  • Ezra is played by Harrison Abel
  • Jim Bell is played by Mat Fraser
  • Miriam Heller is played by Rebecca Oldfield
  • Dean McAndrew is played by Richard Frame
  • Jess Fisher is played by Emma Cunniffe
  • DI Nina Rosen is played by Adjoa Andoh
  • John Stanley is played by Edward Hogg
  • Siobhan Sachs is played by Gemma Lawrence
  • Kate Woodman is played by Stephanie Levi-John
  • Ella Cunningham is played by Florisa Kamara
  • Kyle Cunningham is played by Nathaniel Martello-White

Silent Witness returns to BBC One on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 9pm

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