Harriet is ashen to discover that the church has been robbed.

Will is stunned by some news.

Harriet worries about the future.

Matty struggles to get through to Moira.

(Picture: ITV)


  • Danny Miller as Aaron Dingle
  • James Hooton as Sam Dingle
  • Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
  • Isobel Steele as Liv Flaherty
  • Isabel Hodgins as Victoria
  • Jay Kontzle as Billy Fletcher
  • Dean Andrews as Will Taylor
  • Katherine Dow Blyton as Harriet Finch
  • Olivia Bromley as Dawn Taylor
  • Nicola Wheeler as Nicola King
  • Mimi Slinger as Leanna Cavanagh
  • Fiona Wade as Priya Kotecha
  • Roxy Shahidi as Leyla Harding
  • Jonny McPherson as Liam Cavanagh
  • Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
  • Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas
  • Karen Blick as Lydia Hart
  • Dominic Brunt as Paddy Kirk
  • Duncan Preston as Doug Potts
  • Johanne Murdock as Bishop Grey

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on ITV.