EastEnders review: Leaving on a jet plane

Linda has ‘promised’ Mick she’ll do Dry January well that shouldn’t be too hard as she put away enough alcohol over the last few weeks to keep the local distillery in profit for 2020.

Martin was still being a cunt and pushing women into alleyways and threatening them, first Linda now Karen.

This whole bad guy Martin story reminds me of Spiderman 3 when Peter became a prick overnight the second he had a little bit of power. I mean lets face it Martin has never been the most likeable guy but this personality change doesn’t suit him.

Martin is giving me black Spiderman vibes.

Lee’s blink and miss return was over before it really began and certainly showed how much he is missed by fans. Hopefully next time Johnny might pop by.

On a slightly more positive note I am enjoying seeing Kellie Bright and James Bye sharing scenes it is always nice to see characters interact you don’t often see together.

Now, Jean and Daniel that is a scene I enjoyed but as his time really is limited was it worth bringing him back just to break Jean’s heart for real?

Not a fan of Keanu’s final scene really long, dragged out and open with them talking about his fake name etc. Now only time will tell how long Karen can keep her mouth shut for.

EastEnders continues Monday at 8.00pm on BBC One.

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