1, Mo suggests a séance to speak to Daniel.

2, Gray pushes Chantelle to take a pregnancy test but when it comes back negative, Gray is agitated by Chantelle’s attitude and grabs her wrist.

3, Louise takes Denny to the café but soon feels uncomfortable when Sharon arrives and Karen approaches, wanting to see Peggy.

4, Karen lays into Honey after hearing that Janet won’t be taking part in the pageant and manages to convince her to change her mind.

5, With Lexi performing a dance especially for him, Ben is elated.

6, Ben deals Louise some harsh words, unhappy about her continuing to talk about Sharon.

7, Mitch is teased by Karen and Bailey about his love life, and decides to ask Honey out on a date.

8, Denise asks Lola to manage the salon.

9, Whitney is shocked to discover that Leo is joining the market as a new stall holder and Martin and Kush warn him to stay out of everyone’s way.

10, Vinny is shocked to learn Iqra is Keegan’s business partner.

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 6th January on BBC One.