What makes Hollyoaks Later worth watching? it isn’t your typical family friendly viewing

Regular viewers of Hollyoaks will be no stranger to drama in the village with it being the number one soap for death (most of them being murders), but as Hollyoaks Later returns for a one-off special here are a few times, the show made good use of what they can get away with.


You would never hear the word ‘fuck’ at half 6 in the evening, not without a million complaints to Ofcom which is why having it in Hollyoaks Later makes for a much more expressive way to describe their angst. People swear get over it.


We love a good murder and with that comes blood which Hollyoaks Later took further in 2012 when Brendan Brady was caught by his sister Cheryl while dismembering the corpse of Joel Dexter’s violent stepfather Mick who he believed he had killed.

Violent deaths

Some deaths are shocking while others just make you winch Later gives the chance to take further just how the bad guys and girls die.

From impalement to plummeting to their deaths if you exit in Hollyoaks Later expect to go with a bang.


While still tastefully done Hollyoaks Later allows the freedom for scenes you wouldn’t get in the evening episodes as Alex Fletcher explained to Susan Hill here

Speaking about filming the scenes, Alex says: “I was so nervous but when I read the scripts I could see that it was needed. And even though it was a bit risky it was tastefully shot and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


Hollyoaks Later returns tonight on E4 as Mercedes discovers Tony, Lisa discovers her dads ring At The Emporium and Goldie starts to piece together the clues about Killer Mcqueen.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks Later airs Monday 6th January at 9.00pm on E4 and Tuesday 7th January at 11.00pm on Channel 4.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

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