Midsomer Murders spoilers: Til Death Do Us Part

When Barnaby is dragged along to the wedding of Sarah’s friend Hazel’s son, the last thing he expects to find himself doing is investigating a murder. But when Sarah discovers the body of the Bride, controversial radio talk show host Laurel, ‘squeezed to death’ by her own wedding dress corset, Barnaby must look more closely at his fellow wedding guests – is one of them a murderer?

New husband Gavin is convinced that Laurel’s death had everything to do with her outspoken nature on her radio show; she had been receiving odd packages, including roadkill, in the post in the months leading up to her death! And so Winter’s attention soon turns to her unique community of nocturnal listeners: the Nightshift workers, the insomniacs, the lunatics and the lonely…. the people for whom this radio show is a lifeline in the middle of the night.

Barnaby and Winter also visit Serena; Gavin’s scorned ex-fiancée and local wedding dress designer. She explains that 2 years previously Gavin had left her broken hearted when he jilted her at the altar, even getting his younger brother Noel to tell her the bad news on his behalf.

Barnaby and Winter’s investigation leads them to a local wedding fayre. They are there in time for the fashion show, but as they wait in the audience they are horrified when a second murder is carried out in front of them. Someone is brutally murdered with a tampered confetti cannon. The victim happens to also be dressed as a bride.

On Hazel’s request, Sarah goes to visit elderly wedding guest Marcia, who gives Barnaby and Winter another lead; Marcia says she saw Laurel approach a figure in the darkness shortly before she died; someone who seemed to have a hunch back who was smoking a cigarette…

This incredibly specific and ever so slightly bizarre description of the killer gives Barnaby and Winter a new focus in their investigation, but will they hone in on their elusive ‘bride killer’ in time to save victim number 3?


  • DCI John Barnaby – Neil Dudgeon
  • Ds Jamie Winter – Nick Hendrix
  • Sarah Barnaby – Fiona Dolman
  • Fleur Perkins – Annette Badland
  • Laurel Newman – Kelly Brook
  • Gavin Webster – Michael Fox
  • Phil Webster – Nick Hancock
  • Hazel Webster – Fenella Woolgar
  • Serena Madison – Camilla Arfwedson
  • Juliet Evans – Gabrielle Glaister
  • Mostyn Cartwright – Andrew Knott
  • Jordan Briggs – Colin McFarlane
  • Grace Briggs – Ella Balinska
  • Aisha Khalique – Maya Sondhi
  • Marcia Jackson – Liz Fraser

Midsomer Murders invites to a bloody wedding where there is a chance of Murder on the dancefloor at 8.30pm tonight on ITV.

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