10 EastEnders spoilers: 13th – 17th January 2020

1, As Callum returns to Walford, Ben is shocked to see him at the car lot, Stuart is thrilled to have him back and Rainie makes it her mission to get him dating again, making sure that Ben overhears her plan.

2, Dotty helps Leo out on his stall but his true colours are shown the second she mentions his father.

3, Mitch is relieved when the police leave Karen’s as he’s illegally brewing gin.

4, When he spots Callum with a man, Ben sabotages what he thinks is a date. Quick to confront him, Callum issues some home truth – however he isn’t prepared for Ben’s response.

5, After hit and run victim George wakes up, Sonia promises to suss him out but is left shaken after speaking to him.

(Picture: BBC)

6, When Honey forces herself to eat in front of Janet and Will, Billy is delighted, but it all proves too much for Honey who realises she’s unwell.

7, Honey is distraught when Habiba mentions it’s been 6 weeks since Adam left and after racing to get a pregnancy test, Ash encourages her to take it.

8, Mick lies to Shirley about the hotel booking from New Year, unaware that she already knows and urges him to confront Linda.

(Picture: BBC)

9, Phil starts to worry as he spots the police outside the Taylor’s.

10, Lisa tells Phil and Ben everything she knows, but once alone, Phil can’t believe that Martin was the man Ben trusted to kill Keanu.

(Picture: BBC)

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