10 Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 13th – Friday 17th January 2020

1, With Jai struggling under pressure, and annoyed and Kim and Al for not pulling their weight, he rings out for a pizza but this is one 12 inch you won’t find at your local Pizza Hut.

(Picture: ITV)

2, The truth of what Lee did looks like it might finally be sinking in for Wendy who breaks down while looking at old photos of Lee and Luke.

3, Moira is off and leaves Cain surprised when she comes to say goodbye and tells him she’s going to Nana Barton’s for a while.

4, Aaron’s struggles continue when Pete tells him that Seb won’t be coming to visit anymore and he heads on a night out to forget his pain.

(Picture: ITV)

5, Ryan is no fool and tells Graham he knows he’s been fiddling the company bank account. Will the promise of hush money keep Ryan quiet?

6, Liv tries to track down Aaron when he doesn’t come home which leaves her concerned but he wakes up in a strange bed feeling lost and alone.

7, Rhona is decisive she wants to leave on Monday.

8, Charity tells Graham she’s keeping an eye on him. But he isn’t the only one as Leo’s passport goes missing and Rhona confronts Marlon over it who works out she is still planning to leave.

(Picture: ITV)

9, Liv suggests Aaron start counselling again following an outburst.

10, As Rhona tells Vanessa her plans for France will Marlon take murderous action to stop Graham?

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 13th January 2020 on ITV.

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