Coronation Street spoilers: 13th – 17th January 2020

13TH JANUARY – 1st episode

FIZ TAKES A SHOT AT THE TRUTH Fiz goes back to the police and reveals how she unwittingly bought a gun as part of a house clearance, it disappeared and she panicked. Fiz assures Gary that she kept his name out of it. Christine calls at No.9 and tells Tyrone that the social care team have decided that the girls may return home but Fiz must move out whilst investigations continue.

GEOFF IS CROSS WITH YASMEEN Faking a coughing fit Geoff shows Yasmeen the cleaning rota which he’s drawn up, ordering her to get cracking while he has business at the hospital. When Cathy bumps into Yasmeen coming out of the shop carrying a load of cleaning products, her suspicions are piqued. Suggesting they have lunch and a bottle of wine at No.6, Cathy quizzes Yasmeen about her cleaning obsession. Yasmeen insists that she just likes a tidy house and she’s never been happier. But when Geoff returns and finds them both tipsy, Yasmeen’s immediately on edge and Cathy takes her cue to leave. Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for failing to do her chores and choosing to get drunk instead. When Geoff reveals he left a mark on the skirting board as a test to catch her our, Yasmeen feels sick.

AGGIE NURSES A PRIVATE AMBITION Aggie confides in Ed that she’s considering returning to nursing. Aggie’s thrilled to find out she’s been shortlisted for the Golden Heart Award.

ELSEWHERE Tracy confides in Liz that she’s not sure her marriage is worth saving. As Sally leaves to stay with Gina, Tim consults Imran about getting a divorce from Charlie. Imran warns he could be in trouble if the police pick up on his bigamy. Having returned from Richard’s funeral, Roy goes to check up on Nina. He’s horrified to see her front door splattered with eggs.

MONDAY 13TH JANUARY – 2nd episode

GEOFF SHOWS HIS HAND As Geoff and Yasmeen row about her cleaning efforts a tussle ensues over the vacuum and Geoff falls and hits his face on a table. Mortified, Yasmeen goes to fetch some ice. When Cathy returns to collect her bag, Geoff is unaware and launches into another tirade of abuse. Grabbing her bag, a shocked Cathy hurries out. Geoff apologises to Yasmeen and presents her with a state of the art vacuum. Cathy confides in Brian how she witnessed Geoff being really nasty to Yasmeen and she’s worried about her friend.

FIZ PUTS HERSELF IN THE FIRING LINE A furious Tyrone insists there’s no way Fiz would ever hurt Hope but Christine explains that she has to follow procedure. A tearful Fiz concedes that she’ll go and stay in a B&B so the girls can return home. With the girls back Tyrone tries to question Hope about her injuries and the lies she told about Mummy but Hope remains silent.

CAN STEVE AND TRACY FIND A WAY THROUGH? In an attempt to rebuild their marriage, Steve gets down on one knee and asks Tracy to re-marry him.

ELSEWHERE Worried that Nina is being targeted by bullies, Roy suggests she comes to stay with

Him but Nina insists she’s fine. Daniel plays Bertie the video Sinead made for his birthday. When Bertie’s face lights up at the sight of his Mummy, Daniel is reduced to tears.

WEDNESDAY 15TH JANUARY – 1st episode

GEOFF GIVES THE PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME Yasmeen’s worn out after a night cleaning. Geoff congratulates her on a job well done. Cathy calls and quizzes Yasmeen about Geoff’s black eye but before she can explain Geoff appears and Cathy goes. When Brian expresses his concerns for Yasmeen to Geoff he’s quietly seething and makes out that Yasmeen is actually an alcoholic and he’s trying to help. Brian’s stunned and when he assumes that Yasmeen gave Geoff his black eye, Geoff doesn’t correct him. Concerned about Yasmeen, Brian seeks advice from Peter. Geoff returns home and in a bid to cover his tracks tells Yasmeen he’s worried about her drinking and others have noticed it too. As Yasmeen absorbs this bombshell there’s a knock at the door from Peter.

SHONA SHOWS SIGNS OF CONSCIOUSNESS David sits at Shona’s bedside playing recordings of Max and Lily. When her eyes momentarily flicker, David’s excited. The consultant confirms Shona is slowly emerging from her coma but has a long way to go. She briefly opens her eyes again but when it’s clear she doesn’t recognise David he’s devastated.

ROY FINALLY MAKES PROGRESS WITH NINA When Roy finds Nina fretting over her coursework because her sewing machine has conked out he returns with Hayley’s old machine. Nina’s touched and asks him to stay and be her model. As she makes adjustments to the corset Roy chats about

Hayley and the difficulties she encountered as trans gender, Nina warms to him.

ELSEWHERE Bernie reads a text from Kel agreeing to a one on one DJ lesson with Alfie. Imran accompanies a terrified Fiz as she’s called into court.

WEDNESDAY 15TH JANUARY – 2nd episode

YASMEEN BEGINS TO DOUBT HERSELF Yasmeen listens in disbelief as Peter talks about alcoholism and invites her to join him at one of his meetings. Geoff lies claiming his first wife was a violent alcoholic and her drinking is bringing back awful memories. Geoff asserts that if she really loves him, she’ll give up drinking. When Brian and Cathy break the news of Yasmeen’s drink problem to Alya, she listens in total disbelief and tells Yasmeen it’s absurd.

THE TRUTH FINALLY HITS DAVID Fiz apologises to David for unwittingly bringing a loaded gun onto the street. David’s furious and points out Shona’s in a coma because of her.

FREEDOM COMES AT A PRICE FOR FIZ Fiz pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a licence and receives a four month sentence, suspended for two years and a £500 fine.

ELSEWHERE Bernie confides in Sean how she’s been posing as a 14 year old boy online and has arranged to meet up with Kel in order to get justice for Paul. Sean’s horrified and urges her to go to the police. As Nina puts the finishing touches to the corset, somebody hurls a brick through the window. Roy tries again to convince Nina to come and stay with him but she refuses, preferring to stay in her Dad’s flat surrounded by his memory.

FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY – 1st episode

DAVID FEARS HE MAY NEVER GET SHONA BACK David’s thrilled when Shona regains consciousness and tries to speak until it becomes clear she doesn’t recognise him. The consultant warns David that Shona has serious memory issues and it could take up to a year before they see any improvement. Desperate to trigger her memory David takes Max and Lily to visit Shona but when she gets Max confused with Clayton they’re horrified.

BERNIE HUNTS DOWN KEL Paul’s horrified when Sean reveals Bernie’s plan and insists he’ll go with her. Gemma watches Bernie’s live feed on her laptop as Bernie talks to the camera, explaining how she intends to entrap Kel the paedophile in the park.

THE DOBBS FACE JADE DOWN When Jade climbs off the bus, Hope’s thrilled to see her. Shooting Jade daggers, Evelyn drags Hope away whilst Tyrone asserts that it won’t be long before social services see through her lies. In the cafe, Tyrone puts pressure on Hope to tell the truth so that Mummy can come home. But Hope remains silent.

ELSEWHERE Geoff suggests Yasmeen should steer clear of Speed Daal for a while as she might

be tempted to have a drink. Yasmeen agrees and humbly asks Geoff for some cash so she can buy cleaning products, promising faithfully to get a receipt. Geoff checks his CCTV and smiles as he watches Yasmeen clean the living room at No.6. Nina calls at the cafe with Hayley’s sewing machine. Roy takes her upstairs for a cup of tea. Roy notices Nina’s bandaged hand. Nina explains how her neighbour set his dog on her. Roy’s shocked but Nina insists it’s not worth making a fuss. When Nina suggests they have a game of chess, Roy’s delighted.

FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY – 2nd episode

A VENGEFUL BERNIE CORNERS KEL Spotting Kel, Bernie approaches but realising he’s been set up Kel makes a grab for her phone. Paul, Billy and Gemma give chase.

JADE TRICKS FIZ Jade confronts Fiz in the street, and making sure she’s got an audience, tells her she never intended for her to lose her kids but she’s only got herself to blame. As a furious Fiz launches herself at Jade, Evelyn pulls her away before giving Jade a piece of her mind. Alone, Jade books one way ferry tickets to France for her and Hope.

DAVID TRIES TO JOG SHONA’S MEMORY David returns with their wedding album, will it work?

ELSEWHERE Over their game of chess, Roy puts pressure on Nina to move in but she refuses point blank, insisting she enjoys her independence and it would only make her enemies think they’d won. Abi’s thrilled when she gets her GCSE results, a C in English and a B in Maths. Yasmeen cooks Geoff a lovely meal. When Geoff produces a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and suggests they share it, Yasmeen thanks him for being so supportive.

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