Emmerdale thoughts: Cara arrives and it’s about bloody time – 9th January 2020

With Moira and her path of self destruction it was a matter of time before something happened and tonight that came in the form of a car after another session of drinking.

First a boat explosion and now this maybe Moira should just stay away from anything with an engine.

Cain did have a point tonight, and that was he knew nothing about Nate for all these years.

Did I miss a scene where did Vanessa vanish today on Charity ‘it’s my birthday’ Dingle?

(Picture: ITV) Someone buy this woman a birthday drink

It didn’t even take Charity seeing Cara to form an opinion that she hates her just the mere mention of money (be careful money makes the world go round but money and lies almost cost you yours). Sure she has money but you have a family, a business and a fiancee.

Carryl Thomas as Cara is instantly delightful and gives off the vibes of another strong don’t mess with me type of a character, so I hope she is sticking around.

(Picture: ITV)

I cheered when the police arrested Danny and would hope this is the end but Sarah has probably just made the whole situation a lot worse.

(Picture: ITV) What is next for Sarah? Will Danny get revenge?

This entire David and baby stor… sorry yawning just typing this.

Ryan working for/with Kim just seems very plotty and an excuse to put him on the list of suspects for Graham’s murder alongside fellow suspect Kim. nothing against actor James but any decent character building seems to have been sucked away by poor stories and lack of screen time and I frequently find myself skipping past his scenes.

WTF was Eric playing at? Moira was clearly already in a state and yet he still sold her a bottle of drink.

Emmerdale continues at 7pm tomorrow where Hopefully Cara and Moira will compete for Cain as I for one and hoping to sit and watch that unfold.

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