Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren’s return, James finds out the truth and 8 other spoilers

1, After breaking up Mitchell wants to go back to being friends, but Scott doesn’t want to know.

2, Edward and Marnie are getting close and go on a date to The Dog quiz. He’s enjoying Diane’s obvious jealousy.

3, Courtney is stressed that she’s not going to get her perfect wedding, so Grace urges Jesse to make sure he gives his fiancé what she wants.

4, Ollie gives Sid some relationship advice when things with Juliet cool down.

5, James returns from his skiing trip. Liam asks him to be his plus 1 to Courtney and Jesse’s wedding, and reveals that Breda was the one who killed Harry.

6, Sienna feels like she’s been double-crossed by Warren. Liberty urges her to think what cold, calculating Sienna would do next.

7, Scott and Azim are getting on well while they’re planning the wedding and kiss.

8, Diane is preparing for Tony’s return home and tells Edward that they need to act as if nothing ever happened between them.

9, Marnie is James’ shoulder to cry on, but she’s worried when he says that he’s hurt an innocent woman and he’s going to the police to confess.

10, Sid is planning to take Juliet to a hotel tonight, but Juliet tells Brooke that she’s nervous about spending the night with him.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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