Tuesday 14th January 2020

Mo and Colm have had just about enough of David. Tensions are raised further when Mo discovers that Tony’s goldfish is dead, and that David, unbeknownst to them, had been feeding it. What will they do? Cóilí Jackie is raging with Sorcha, and wants her to pay dearly for what she did to him. Sorcha tells him why she did it and if anybody should feel ashamed, it should be him. Will this anger Cóilí Jackie further?

Thursday 16th January 2020

Mo, feeling terrible about what she said to David, wants to apologise, but he is not at work or answering her calls. She worries when she hears David was last seen down by the sea and fears the worst. Does Mo have due cause to worry? Adam has a good idea who stole Cóilí Jackie’s money from Sorcha. Will Adam tells Sorcha who it was, and vindicate Simon? David’s quiet date with Annette is soon public knowledge, thanks to Mo.

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