Rownd a Rownd spoilers: 14th – 16th January 2020


Mae Anest dal yn flin efo Carwyn am ddifetha ei gwyliau, ond mae’r newyddion ei fod am fynd yn ôl i Torquay yn achosi cryn boendod iddi.

Babis sydd ar feddwl Barry, ond ydy Carys yr un mor awyddus? Mae cynllun Britney i helpu Kylie osgoi gyrru ei char newydd yn achosi mwy o broblem nag yw’n ei ddatrys ac ar ôl derbyn neges gan Dylan, mae Sophie yn pendroni os yw hi’n bosib cynnu tân ar hen aelwyd.

Mae digwyddiad blasu gwin yn Copa ac mae Aled yn darganfod arbenigwr lleol i arwain y noson. Gyda chriw’r chweched i gyd yn mynd i barti mwya’r flwyddyn, mae Britney yn benderfynol nad yw hi am fethu’r hwyl.

A gan ei fod mewn picl, mae Jason yn troi at y person mwyaf annhebygol i’w helpu gyda’r popty pizza symudol.


Anest is still angry with Carwyn for ruining her holiday plans, but the news that he is about to return to Torquay is causing her much distress.

Barry is still keen to expand the family, but does Carys share his enthusiasm? Britney’s plan to help Kylie avoid driving her new car causes more problems than it solves, and after receiving a message from Dylan, Sophie begins to wonder if they might rekindle their relationship.

There’s a wine tasting event in Copa and Aled has found a local expert to host the evening. As most of the sixth formers are getting excited about the party of the year, Britney is determined that she doesn’t miss out on the fun – despite Kay’s warnings.

When Jason finds himself in a sticky situation, he turns to the most unlikely person for help with the Ty pizza bach.

Rownd a Rownd airs Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 on S4C with catchup on BBC Iplayer and S4C Clic.

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