This week marks a life-changing specials in Emmerdale as Graham is shockingly murdered by an unknown assailant. With no shortage of suspects keen to see him off him, who could be pushed to kill him?

The drama will unfold in an action-packed week of specials, where the audience will see the same day play out from a different character’s perspective – all with a motive to kill.

The week kicks off from Kim and Al’s perspective as the day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits arrives and following the discovery that Graham is planning to leave for France with Rhona, Kim summons him and asks if there is any hope for them and is taken aback when Graham says yes.

Kim is no fool and the anger bubbles away when she learns she is being played and that Graham is withdrawing from her bank account.

Enlisting Al to help her, she wants him dead. Today.

Emmerdale air these scenes on Monday 20th January 2020 on ITV.