1, Jimmi sees Charlie (Devarnie Lothian), and diagnoses him with a likely umbilical hernia. Leon recommends that Jimmi start charging for his consultations with phone cards, or it’ll all look a bit dodgy.

(Picture: BBC)

2, Zara tells Emma about Daniel’s book reading, and she reckons he was just doing it to impress her.

3, Emma visits and tells Jimmi that Carl Fincham is a dead end. When she finds out Jimmi is seeing ‘patients’ she warns him off.

4, Al and Bear find Mrs Wadham (Eileen O’Brien) in the men’s toilets, looking after her husband, who has dementia.

(Picture: BBC)

5, Zara tells Daniel about a recycling project that Joe has, and gives him some toilet rolls and yoghurt pots.


  • Laurence Saunders as Vincent Manning
  • Jonas Khan as Leon Bhatti
  • Rupert Frazer as Hugh Wadham
  • Eileen O’Brien as Jean Wadham
  • Devarnie Lothian as Charlie Weatherley
  • Ray Sesay as Rick Ogola
  • Matthew Chambers as Daniel Granger
  • Adrian Lewis Morgan as Jimmi Clay
  • Ashley Rice as Sid Vere
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Zara Carmichael

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.