Emmerdale spoilers: Has Jai killed Graham while on drugs?

Tonight saw Graham’s death play out from Jai’s perspective and while Mr Foster is definitely dead, it was Jai who also ended the episode while laying on the ground out cold and with a bleeding and bloody hand.

As with yesterday the episode opened with the opening day of Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits, a mystery hand playing a cassette tape and Graham checking his reflection in the mirror.

Enter Jai who appeared moaned at Dawn and then left again all in the space of 90 seconds.

The editing on these episodes is nothing if not fast-paced.

Jai’s motive to kill Graham came from the near miss he had with Graham while driving and the prompt discovery he was back on cocaine.

(Picture: ITV)

Back in the village and with Laurel it was clear Jai was buzzing his tits off and having only just got from Hawksford Jai was straight back up there.

Laurel was making discoveries of her own as Graham handed over the drugs he had taken off Jai.

With the truth out and the relationship now in pieces Jai turned to even more drugs but Rishi’s intervention was the last straw and Jai wanted Graham to pay.

(Picture: ITV)

Is Jai now a killer?

Emmerdale continues tomorrow as we see events unfold from Charity’s perspective.

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