1, Jimmi’s suffering intensifies as his cellmate continues to push his buttons.

2, Ruhma and Zara take their first British Sign Language class. In her typically impatient and tenacious mode, Zara wants to fast track to the Advanced Class – but Ruhma isn’t sure…

(Picture: BBC)

3, A visit from Rob offers a glimmer of hope when it turns out that Jimmi’s father does have previous for drug offences… It’s enough to make Jimmi believe that he’s found the person responsible for framing him, but Rob is less enthusiastic.

4, At the Campus, Bear has a run in with a particularly impatient… patient. She seems obsessed with the queues and the waiting times that are building up there, and stages a disruptive protest.

(Picture: BBC)

5, Gwen reveals that this all started as a reaction to waiting her whole life for her husband: waiting in the house because he didn’t allow her to work.

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