Doctors spoilers: Thursday 23rd January 2020

1, Valerie’s continues to explore her Jewish identity by reading sections of the Torah on her computer at work.

(Picture: BBC)

2, Brothers Neil (Patrick Brennan) and Jason Farnham (Dan Fredenburgh) are engaged in a bitter sibling rivalry. Jason is warm and funny, a man who’s never struggled to get on in life. Neil likes cleanliness and hygiene. But a cockroach infestation turns family food into a family feud.

3, Jimmi is visited in prison by his father, Alun Clay. As he previously mentioned to Rob, Jimmi thinks this could be his way out of prison.

(Picture: BBC)

4, Things seem to be going from strength to strength between David and Valerie who share a love of musicals.

5, Things take an unexpected turn when Neil’s asthma suddenly flares up and the two brothers decide to visit Emma at the Campus to get him checked over. After an examination, Emma and the Farnhams are startled by a discovery.

6, As Jimmi starts accusing his dad of framing him – revenge for the time he beat him within an inch of his life Alun’s response is not what Jimmi is expecting.

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.

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