Grantchester spoilers: Series 5 Episode Three

Will and Ellie go on their first date with a trip to the flicks. However, a scream from the projection booth cuts the romance short as they discover a brutal murder has taken place within the cinema.

Geordie arrives to investigate and soon they’ve found movie star connections, oddball employees and a link to the Asian subcontinent, as a shadowy figure emerges from Jack Chapman’s past and refuses to retreat without causing a stir.

Cathy’s mother takes the children out for the day, which ends up worrying Cathy far more than it should.


  • Geordie Keating Is Played By Robson Green
  • Will Davenport Is Played By Tom Brittney
  • Leonard Finch Is Played By Al Weaver
  • Mrs Chapman Is Played By Tessa Peake-jones
  • Cathy Keating Is Played By Kacey Ainsworth
  • Jack Chapman Is Played By Nick Brimble
  • Ellie Harding Is Played By Lauren Carse
  • Diana Is Played By Paula Wilcox
  • Esme Keating Is Played By Skye Lucia Degruttola
  • Larry Peters Is Played By Bradley Hall
  • Vic Morgan Is Played By Ross Boatman
  • Jack Donoghue as Lucas Rawlings
  • Sandra Huggett as Marie Morgan
  • Zoe Tapper as Betsey Granger
  • Hamza Jeetooa as Tariq Hassan
  • Mark Umbers as Wyatt Rogers
  • Tom Morley as Edwin Hensler
  • Jim Caesar as Matthew Butler

The Keating Children are played by:

  • Rose Allen
  • Mason Chalke
  • Harley Chalke
  • Rubie-Rose Fearfield

Grantchester continues on ITV at 9pm

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