Rownd a Rownd spoilers: 28th – 30th January 2020


Wrth i griw’r chweched helpu mewn noson agored yn yr ysgol mae Britney yn dychryn pan mae hi’n gweld Iestyn ar berwyl drwg.

Mae Carys yn cynnal noson i godi arian at yr ysgol feithrin yn Copa, ond tydi hi ddim deall pam bod Aled mor oeraidd efo hi.

Tra mae Llew yn falch o gael ei fam allan o’r ysbyty, sylwa Dylan bod Fflur yn simsanu.

Mae Barry’n trefnu noson ramantus iddo ef a Carys, ac mae’n edrych ymlaen yn eiddgar. Ond nid felly Carys – mae rhywbeth yn pwyso ar ei meddwl, ac fe ddaw’r gwir allan yn y bwyty crand, er mawr siom i Barry.

Pan ddychwela Anest o’i thrip gwaith, mae’n cael clywed gan Iolo bod Iestyn wedi bod yn cadw reiat yn yr Iard. Caiff Iestyn lond ceg, ac mae’n ymddiheuro am ei ymddygiad, ond mae ganddo gynllun cudd ar y gweill.

Mae Mel yn ceisio gwneud ffafr â Mathew, ond yn llwyddo i godi cywilydd arno o flaen ei gydweithwyr.

(Picture: S4C)


While the sixth form are forced to help out in an open evening at the school, Britney becomes alarmed when she realises that Iestyn is up to no good.

Carys is hosting a charity evening at Copa to raise money for the Ysgol Feithrin and can’t understand why Aled is so rude to her.

While Llew is over the moon to have his mum home from hospital, Dylan realises that Fflur is becoming weaker.

Barry has organised a romantic evening for himself and Carys and is looking forward to spending some alone-time with his other half. But something is obviously worrying Carys and the truth comes out during their romantic meal, much to Barry’s dismay.

When Anest returns from her work trip, Iolo feels that it’s his duty to let her know about the party that Iestyn had arranged in Iard. She subsequently tells Iestyn off, who then apologises for his behaviour, but it soon becomes apparent that he a secret plan.

Mel tries to surprise Mathew with a favour but manages to embarrass him in front of his colleagues.

(Picture: S4C)

Rownd a Rownd airs Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 on S4C with catchup on BBC Iplayer and S4C Clic.

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