Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators Series 3 Episode 1-5

Episode one: How the Rogue Roar’d! – Monday 3 February

When Frank and Lu are hired to help close down an old bingo hall, Frank is surprised to find an old nemesis at work. But what is he really up to?

Episode two: See Thyself, Devil! – Tuesday 4 February

When a washed up rock star thinks the Devil is trying to kill him, Frank and Lu find themselves in a race to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

When rock god turned cider farmer Tony King (David Schofield) is nearly killed by a runaway tractor, he hires Lu (Jo Joyner) and a star struck Frank (Mark Benton) to save him from the Devil himself.

Episode three: A Serpent’s Tooth. – Wednesday 5 February

When a fatal accident takes place in a carpet warehouse, the youngest daughter of a carpet king hires Frank and Lu to investigate her own sisters.

Frank and Lu are hired by Viola’s (Yasmin Kaur Barn) mate Poonam (Alexandra D’Sa), the youngest, estranged daughter of Mr Raja (Madhav Sharma), owner of Freddie Freeman’s Factory Flooring.

Poonam wants them to investigate the death of her friend Haroon (Varun Raj) who worked at the 4F’s and who sent her a cryptic message before he was crushed to death by falling carpets.

Poonam fears that her ruthless sisters could be behind the accident and now she fears for her father, too!

Episode four: Thy Fury Spent. – Thursday 6 February

At the grand opening of the Arden Museum’s new Shakespeare Centre, Frank (Mark Benton) and Lu (Jo Joyner) are bemused when the evening is interrupted by The Society Of Herstorians, a local protest group unhappy about the museum’s demotion of Stratford’s historical women of note.

It’s a bad night for the museum’s director Sir Tim (Simon Williams), as academic rival Dr Middleton (Josie Lawrence) speaks up in support of the protesters, his wife Lady Athena (Diana Hardcastle) is bored and wants to go home, and then curator Lucian (Aaron Anthony) goes missing just as he’s needed to assist in the ribbon-cutting.

But what starts out as a straightforward missing person’s case takes a turn for the worst when there is a murder at the museum – and Frank and Lu realise that no-one is what they seem.

Episode five: The Sticking Place. – Friday 7 February

Long-buried secrets are unearthed when Frank and Lu come to the aid of a community of allotment holders who are being threatened with eviction.

After the death of Ardenwicke Hall’s beloved Lord Charlie, a community of allotment holders is threatened with eviction by Lady Mortimer (Sara Stewart), the widow who was once their friend.

Frank (Mark Benton) and Lu (Jo Joyner) are called in by Dolly (Carol Macready) and the Major (Christopher Timothy), to investigate the change in Lady Mortimer which they place firmly at the feet of gruff new Estate Manager, Fitzallen (Steve John Shepherd).

As the animosity between Fitzallen and the allotment holders grows, Frank and Lu dig deeper and soon secrets from the past are unearthed.

Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators returns Monday 3 February at 2.15pm on BBC One

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