White House Farm spoilers: Episode 4

As the date of the funerals approach the family members ready themselves to say goodbye.

Much to Julie’s chagrin, Jeremy and Brett seem closer than ever and she feels cast aside and frozen out, becoming increasingly aware of the different faces Jeremy puts on in public and in private.

Meanwhile, without the answers he needs and still more questions being thrown up from White House Farm, Stan’s efforts remain fruitless. In a determined attempt to draw attention to the issues with the case, he is forced to take his evidence to the top levels of the police unsure if he will succeed.

Colin realises the private concerns of those close to him as he leaves for the funerals but, vowing to keep Jeremy’s counsel and stay by his side, runs the risk of drawing divisions between himself and the extended family.

Meanwhile as Julie struggles to do the same with Jeremy, her willpower is tested to its very limits. As all looks lost for Stan and Mick, a new witness comes forward.


  • Freddie Fox as Jeremy Bamber
  • Alexa Davies as Julie Mugford
  • Mark Addy as DS Stan Jones
  • Scott Reid as DC Mick Clark
  • Andrew Frame as DI Ron Cook
  • Alfie Allen as Brett Collins
  • Oliver Zetterstrom as Michael
  • Gemma Whelan as Ann Eaton
  • Sean Gilder CS George Harris
  • Amy-Jayne Leigh as Abigail
  • Richard Goulding as David Boutflour
  • Oliver Dimsdale as Peter Eaton
  • Tom Christian as Marcus McBride
  • Millie Brady as Sally Jones
  • Josie Walker as Helene Jones
  • Mark Stanley as Colin Caffell
  • Grace Calder as Heather Amos
  • Amy McCallum as Tracey Brown
  • Todd Boyce as Vicar
  • Stephen Graham as DCI Thomas Jones
  • Maimie McCoy as Nancy Raynott
  • Glyn Prichard as James Carr
  • David Bark-Jones as Antique Dealer

White House Farm continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV.

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