Doctors spoilers: Thursday 30th January 2020

1, Ayesha wears her new Advanced Nurse Practitioner uniform to work. She’s buoyed up about her new role and visits Zara to talk about her dissertation idea – she wants to do a group study clinic involving patients.

2, Zara rains on her parade. Can’t Ayesha do something less expensive and less time consuming?

3, Ruth (Vanessa Emme) is a cam girl. She posts racy photos of herself online and has gained a significant following. Rick (Louis Tamone) lives in the same block of flats as Ruth and is one of the men that follows Ruth online.

4, When Karen vists Ruth as one of her VPAS visits she catches Rick snooping around Ruth’s bedroom. He instantly gets defensive and tells Karen that he’s worried about Ruth.

5, Sid becomes impressed with Ruhma’s sign language progress and it’s all going well until Ruhma accidentally makes the sign for sex when she meant to ask a deaf man about his ill father! Ruhma is mortified but Sid and Valerie can’t help but see the funny side.

Guest Cast

  • Vanessa Emme as Ruth Garrod
  • Louis Tamone as Rick Trivett
  • Stephen Collins as Luke Merriman

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.

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