Life has been very topsy-turvy for Ollie who since finding out his girlfriend Brooke is pregnant has remained hopeful she will change her mind over plans to have their baby put up for adoption when they are born.

Next week sees Ollie confide in his dad Luke, who is battling his own demons, that he wants a family with Brooke but won’t change her mind about giving their baby up for adoption.

Later Ollie is given fresh hope of a change in Brooke’s plans when he learns the mum-to-be has ordered a baby gro and follows her lead by ordering some booties for their baby.

They go on a date to Salon De Thé where Ollie gives the booties to Brooke and tells her how happy he is that she’s changed her mind.

Has Brooke changed her mind or is Ollie setting himself up for more heartbreak?

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 10th February on Channel 4.

By Eastieoaks

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