Grantchester spoilers: Series 5 Episode 5

As Geordie and Will head to a charity boxing match at Vic’s gym, both men put on a brave face and hide the worries haunting them both. Geordie’s hoping for a ‘manly’ night at the fight, with Jack and Leonard joining in the fun: an escape from the problems at home and the strain of the job. And Will revels in the night as well, this place giving him the purpose he so desperately needs…

It’s a full house at the gym as Matthew and Luke face off in the ring, seemingly proving Vic’s belief that given a second chance, anyone can turn their life around. But after a match takes an unexpected twist, Will wonders if he’s misjudged Matthew all along…

Meanwhile Leonard tries to reunite the warring Chapmans, who seem determined never to see eye-to-eye again.


  • Geordie Keating – Robson Green
  • Will Davenport – Tom Brittney
  • Leonard Finch – Al Weaver
  • Mrs Chapman – Tessa Peake-jones
  • Cathy Keating – Kacey Ainsworth
  • Daniel Marlowe – Oliver Dimsdale
  • Vic Morgan – Ross Boatman
  • Jack Chapman – Nick Brimble
  • Ellie Harding – Lauren Carse
  • Larry Peters – Bradley Hall
  • Matthew Butler – Jim Caesar
  • Marie Morgan – Sandra Huggett
  • Lucas Rawlings – Jack Donoghue
  • June Butler – Sarah Stanley
  • Walter Burrows – Rupert Holliday Evans

Grantchester continues on ITV at 9pm

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