Emmerdale spoilers: Wednesday 12th February 2020

Rhona visits Marlon and tells him that she thinks it might’ve been Kim and Al that killed Graham.

Matty and Amy arrive back and notice some sheep have escaped. Amy suggests they ring Cain but Matty doesn’t want to. After being approached by one of the Rustlers, Matty and Amy leg it, but they realise they’re surrounded by a whole group of them.

Moira intervenes holding a loaded gun and she’s not to be messed with..but will she save the day?

Vanessa is compelled to tell Rhona about Charity stealing Graham’s money, but just as she’s about to crack, Charity arrives and interrupts her from doing so.


  • Michelle Hardwick as Vanessa Woodfield
  • Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
  • Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle
  • Lisa Riley as Mandy Dingle
  • Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle
  • Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
  • Michael Wildman as Al Chapman
  • Claire King as Kim Tate
  • Josh Moran as Rustler
  • Bradley Johnson as Vinny
  • Jonathan Wrather as Pierce Harris
  • Zoe Henry as Rhona Goskirk
  • Natalie Ann Jamieson as Amy Wyatt
  • Dominic Brunt as Paddy Kirk

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on ITV.

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